Saron or Deepor, debate continues

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By Staff Reporter in Guwahati
  • Published 13.09.06

Guwahati, Sept. 13: The Assam Kayaking and Canoeing Association has asserted that the two National Games disciplines will be held at Saron Beel in Morigaon district, as fixed earlier.

On Sunday, Games Technical Conduct Committee chairman K.P. Singh Deo had announced that both events would be held at Deepor Beel. This however, was termed a “slip of tongue” on the part of the GTCC chairman by the state association secretary, Mamun Rashid.

“It had already been decided at the GTCC meeting the previous evening that Saron Beel would be the venue for canoeing and kayaking and Deepor Beel for rowing. We were surprised when Singh Deo announced Deepor Beel as the venue at the press conference,” Rashid said.

“We were later informed that it was a slip of tongue and our president Bhubaneswar Kalita, who was also on the dais, did not correct him in order to maintain decorum,” he added.

The “slip of tongue” theory is surprising in view of the fact that Singh Deo confirmed Deepor Beel as the only venue for water sports when repeatedly questioned by the media. Singh Deo had also said that Saron Beel was too far flung as a location and that it would not be safe for players to travel for so long on a bumpy road.

“Still, we are not taking any chances. Our federation and we ourselves have moved the GTCC, the organising committee and the National Games Secretariat in writing, asserting that if canoeing and kayaking are ever held during the National Games, they will be held at Saron Beel and not Deepor Beel,” Rashid said.

Sources in the organising committee said the matter would be sorted out in consultation with the GTCC.