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Landslip snaps Kohima link - Nagaland town cut off from Dimapur, Imphal on NH39

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  • Published 21.08.10

Kohima, Aug. 20: Kohima has been cut off from both sides of National Highway 39, following rain-induced landslide at Kisama, around 12km from here, towards Imphal.

The landslide occurred at an ongoing construction work site on the approach road to the Kisama Naga Heritage Complex that connects NH39.

Official sources said bulldozers have been dispatched to the site, but were not certain how long it would take to clear the road.

Sources in the Border Roads Organisation (BRO) said efforts to clear the road and make it traffic worthy are continuing on a war footing.

Heavy rainfall over the past few weeks has caused a series of landslides, causing subsidence along parts of NH 39.

On the other side, NH39 has been cut off some 6km from Kohima towards Dimapur since the past week owing to subsidence, forcing the BRO to cut a new alignment of around 300 metres.

A culvert on state highway from Dimapur-Niuland-Kohima road was also washed away following heavy and incessant rain, while an old bridge between NH61 and NH39 at Peducha faces a threat of collapsing.

Vehicles plying between Kohima and Dimapur have been taking the following routes: Kohima-Tsiesema (NH 61), Kohima-Peducha (NH 39), Kohima-bypass checkgate-Jotsoma (NH 39), Kohima bypass checkgate-Jotsoma-Khonoma-Mezoma-Shalom Bible Seminary, Kohima-Sechü (NH-39) and Kohima-NH-61 (10th Mile Junction)-Zhadima-Niuland Road-Dimapur.

BRO sources also said overloaded Manipur-bound trucks were damaging portions along NH 39.

To make matters worse, these trucks often break down and cause traffic jams in the area.

The BRO also said illegal stone quarrying along NH 39 was also a factor causing the landslide and subsequent damage of the road.

About 315 metres area near Kohima has been washed away completely with over 400 Manipur-bound trucks stranded in the area, as these overload trucks are not allowed to ply on Nagaland’s state highways.

Temjen Toy, commissioner and secretary, PWD, said overloaded trucks would not be allowed to ply over the weak bridge at Peducha on NH 39.

Reports of damage to crops have also come from the nearby villages because of the heavy downpour.

With the harvest season approaching, farmers are apprehensive they may not have a good harvest this year.