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'Jihadi job' email to lawyer

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By Staff Reporter in Guwahati
  • Published 20.10.09

Guwahati, Oct. 20: The Special Task Force of Assam Police has registered a case of cyber crime after a city-based lawyer, who received an email for recruitment as a “jihadi” from an unknown sender, lodged a complaint today.

The email also asked the recipient — Ajoy Hazarika — to attend military training in Afghanistan to wage jihad.

The mail contained six email accounts and a cellphone number for “interested believers” to contact. The STF has traced the mobile number to Gujarat.

“The mail landed in my Rediffmail inbox on October 15 but I discovered it only last evening when I was checking my mail,” Hazarika said.

“I have absolutely no idea who sent this mail and how the sender got my email address. It could be an individual or an organisation,” he said.

“Given the sensitive nature of the mail, I decided to approach the police and filed a written complaint with the STF this morning,” he added.

In the email, the sender says, “I am acting on behalf of a group looking to recruit believers to attend military training in Afghanistan, and to continue the Holy Jihad. After martyrdom, your families will be compen- sated with $ 5 million. If you are a devout believer, please contact me via one of the following email accounts, or call me on the telephone number +91 98249 07080”.

“I was unnerved after receiving the mail, because if it is genuine, then it is a matter of serious concern, especially when the jihadi threat is looming large,” Hazarika said.

“Our investigation is in its preliminary stages. At this stage I can only say that the mobile number which was given in the email is an Idea cellular number of Gujarat. We are investigating the matter and trying to trace the sender of the mail,” a source in the STF said.

The STF is now focussing on tracing the Internet protocol address, which is the code that shows the source of an e-mail.

“A recruitment drive for jihadis through email may sound strange, but the possibility can’t be ruled out, because of late, the Internet has become a vehicle for bigots to spread communal hatred,” he said.

“There are also chances that maybe someone is playing a prank,” the source added.

A preliminary probe has revealed that the email ID used by the sender is of an Internet marketing company that maintains a database of email IDs and provides it to their clients for bulk mailing for marketing and selling their products and services.

“There are instances of terrorists hacking mail accounts to send and receive mails,” the source added.