INPT splits, with help from Cong

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  • Published 10.12.06

Teliamura (West Tripura), Dec. 10: The regional Indigenous Nationalist Party of Tripura (INPT) split today, with the launch of the new National Council of Tripura, backed by dissident party MLA Animesh Debbarma.

The new party was launched at a convention in Darjeelingbari area under Teliamura subdivision. The launch was attended by former minister Kartik Kanya Debbarma, former member of district council Rabindra Kishore Debbarma, former chairman of Bagafa block committee of South Tripura Kejori Mog, general secretary of Tribal Youth Federation Nakshatra Jamatya, INPT assistant general secretary Shabda Kumar Jamatya and several leading INPT and CPM leaders and workers.

A six-member ad hoc committee with Rabindra Kishore Debbarma as general secretary has been formed to draft the party constitution. Debbarma also announced the new party’s programme and a 30-point charter of demands.

The new party will aim at strengthening tribal and non-tribal unity and fight for their rights.

The move to form a new party had reportedly been set in motion by Animesh Debbarma and Shabda Kumar Jamatya secretly in early 2004, with support from a section of the central Congress and party leaders in the northeastern states.

Animesh Debbarma claimed in a speech that he was “still with INPT”.

“Many more INPT and CPM leaders will be joining the new party because they know it will succeed in making an impact,” Animesh Debbarma said.

Sources in INPT confided that the latest split engineered by Animesh Debbarma would seriously damage the party, which is ridden by chronic factionalism.