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  • Published 28.06.14

manipur wushu

Imphal, June 27: Imphal East started their wushu campaign with four gold medals in the 16th State-level Wushu Championship 2014, which got under way at Moidangpok in Imphal West.

O. Pakpi Devi landed Imphal East’s first gold in the chanquan sub-junior girls’ event, collecting 8.35 points, while Y. Echaltombi Devi, also of Imphal East, took the silver with 7.45 points and L. Taniya Devi of Imphal West bagged the bronze medal with seven points.

In the taijiquan junior girls’ category, O. Malemnganbi Devi of Imphal East got the better of compatriot K. Jona Prince for the gold, picking up 7.02 and seven points respectively.

I. Isha Devi of Imphal West settled for the bronze medal with 6.99 points.

Imphal East bagged their third gold with H. Langlentombi Devi defeating compatriot S. Rabina Devi for 8.36 points and seven points respectively.

H. Karnajit landed Imphal East’s fourth gold, defeating Kh. Thoungamba of SAI with 7.9 points respectively while Korungthang and Morungphung, both of Chandel district, collected the bronze medals with 7.1 points each.

Imphal West came up with three gold medals with A. Tapas beating Nelson of Imphal East for the gold in the chanquan sub-junior boys’ category. Albert of Imphal West bagged the bronze medal with 7.53 points.

In the sub-junior boys’ nanquan event, L. Sunny bagged the gold with 7.2 points, while L. Rachando of Chandel took the silver with 6.5 points and Koshingwar of Chandel settled for the bronze medal with 6.49 points.

N. Nandakumar of Imphal West came up with their third gold, outplaying Y. Ananda of Imphal East with 7.91 points and 7.7 points respectively.

Altogether 158 players from Imphal West, Imphal East, Thoubal, Chandel, Bishnupur and SAI are participating in the meet.