GU nod to online budget, entrance

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By Staff Reporter
  • Published 29.08.12

Aug. 28: Gauhati University today agreed to make its annual budget online to make its financial transactions transparent.

It has also agreed to start online admission process from the next academic session.

The decisions were taken following a meeting between a delegation of the Assam chapter of National Students’ Union of India (NSUI) and university vice-chancellor Okhil Kumar Medhi today, which was also attended by the general and cultural secretaries of the Post Graduate Students’ Union (PGSU). The NSUI submitted a memorandum to Medhi.

NSUI president Partha Pratim Bora said they demanded the annual budget be put online for the purpose of letting people know how the university utilises its money, as many hostel boarders continue to face perennial problems like bad infrastructure and water facility.

“Drinking water facility in the hostels is pathetic. Running water is available only for four hours a day, two hours in the morning and two hours in the afternoon. The hostel buildings are in a very bad shape. The university should publish how it spends funds received from the state government annually. The vice-chancellor has agreed to our demand and promised to publish the varsity’s recent annual budget within this academic year,” said Bora.

The student leader also said since the varsity did not have an online admission process, students had to face a lot of trouble while applying for admission.

“A student first comes to the university to buy the admission form. Subsequently, he has to visit the varsity to submit his form and again check whether he has been selected for admission in a particular course. He or she also has to complete formalities before the final admission takes place. If the university initiates an online admission process, then the students will be able to save time and energy for constant travel as Internet connection is even available in the villages these days,” Bora said.

Students from across the Northeast come to the university for higher education. As it does not have an online admission facility, students from far off districts and other states face much trouble before getting admission.

“The vice-chancellor has agreed to start the online admission process from the next academic session,” Bora said.

The NSUI also demanded Medhi to abolish all paid seats saying it only protects the interest of the rich students and deprives economically weaker students.

“Every department has two to three paid seats. Students who are in the waiting list can apply for these paid seats. Only a student from a rich family can afford the cost. We requested Medhi to abolish the system. However, he said he would talk with other officials on the issue,” Bora said.

Bora said they have set a deadline of 15 days to abolish the paid seat system or they would resort to a “democratic movement”.