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Good Morning 16-05-2009

What to do this weekend Celebration Meetings Workshop

By The Telegraph Online
  • Published 16.05.09

What to do this weekend

Participate in Edufair, a career exhibition, at the All Saints’ Hall, Shillong from 10am.


Celebrate World Tele-communication and Information Society Day on the premises of Institute of Engineers at Panbazar on Sunday from 5pm.


Attend the emergency meeting of the Hovukhu Students Union at its office in Dimapur from 10am. Attend an executive meeting of the Changkikong Students’ Conference at the residence of its treasurer, Temsu, in Dimapur from 2.30pm.


Attend a workshop on Acute Life Support and daylong continuing medical education programme at the NF Railway headquarters at Maligaon from 10am.