Golaghat to witness new theatre

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  • Published 20.06.14

Golaghat, June 19: For the first time people here will get a taste of experimental theatre based on clowning.

The first National School of Drama (NSD) graduate from Golaghat, Sonmoni Sarma, believes that clowning is a way of joyful living rather than mere entertainment, as many people believe it to be. For common people, clowns are comedians often found entertaining people in circuses.

Sarma, a junior research fellow, is currently doing research on clowning under the guidance of Ashwath Bhatt, widely known for his work on red nose clowning.

Sarma will organise a 20-day experimental and knowledge-sharing workshop, starting tomorrow, on clowning at Bokakhat, Sarupathar, Dergaon and here for college students. The workshop, second of its kind by him, has been supported by Golaghat Amateur Theatre Society.

The NSD graduate had held another workshop on the subject where 18 school students enthralled people with a 45-minute performance based on three tales of the Panchatantra at the auditorium of Golaghat Amateur Theatre Society recently.

“This is the project I got from the NSD. Every year only 10 graduates of the institute get such a fellowship. As a contemporary actor, I am approaching clowning through real-life characters. Self-expression, which constitutes the basis of this research, requires the creation of an atmosphere that allows break-ing free from inhibitions and an abundance of creativity,” Sarma told The Telegraph.

He said another 20-day workshop would be held among those who are interested to participate in theatre. Last year, he started a group, Rhino Theatre, in Golaghat.