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Expedition team finds new cave

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  • Published 1.03.12

Shillong, Feb. 29: The 20th edition of the International Cave Expedition under the project Caving in the Abode of the Clouds was able to explore a new cave known as Krem Khung in Larket of Jaintia Hills district.

According to the Meghalaya Adventurers’ Association general secretary, Brian D. Kharpran Daly, the cave strewn with massive boulder blocks, has been explored and mapped to 5,120 metres.

He said the mapping of the remaining part of the cave is on.

The other achievements of the 2012 Expedition include the surveying of Krem Lymke, which will be completed next year, extension of the Krem Labit Kseh in the Kopili Valley from 5,694m to 5,992m in length with fine river passages and beautifully decorated dry relic passages like the Black Diamond and Crystal Gallery and documentation of various cave fauna.

The expedition team consisted of cavers from the UK, Germany, Switzerland, Austria, Romania, the US, Portugal, Iran, a commandant of the Indian Navy and members of the association.

The team split into two groups — one operating in the areas of Kseh, Larket and Khahnar of Jaintia Hills and another in Mawsynram and Balat areas of the East Khasi Hills.

During the 16-day expedition (February 7 to 22), Daly said a total cave passage of 6.8km was surveyed and mapped in Jaintia Hills while 6km was explored and mapped in East Khasi Hills taking the expedition total to 12.8km.

However, he said the downside of the expedition was the refusal of the village committee of Nongtrai to give permission to the team for accessing a cave in its area.