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Bulbul sings in cinemas

Rima’s previous venture Village Rockstars was India’s official entry for the Oscars last year

By Abdul Gani in Guwahati
  • Published 20.09.19, 12:40 AM
  • Updated 20.09.19, 12:40 AM
  • a min read
Bulbul Can Sing director Rima Das (second from left) with actors Bonita Thakuriya (left), Arnali Das and Manoranjan Das in Guwahati on Thursday. (PTI)

The much-awaited National Award-winning film Bulbul Can Sing by Rima Das will be released across Assam on Friday. After receiving 13 awards from across the globe, the director is hopeful that the film will be embraced by the cine lovers in the state.

“I’m hopeful that people here would like the film. I have received some really encouraging feedbacks from different quarters of the world. Besides, the film was also screened in different festivals in India where viewers from Assam were also present and they liked it. Let’s see how people here react to the film. If they love the movie, my hard work will pay off,” Das told a news conference here on Thursday.

Das, who just arrived here from Toronto International Film Festival, is also thrilled to see the response on social media. “For some reasons, I didn’t get much time for publicity. When I first announced the theatre release, people’s reaction was overwhelming. Their love make me happy and satisfied,” the filmmaker added.

The film had to release before September 27 as Rima needed to apply for India’s official entry in the best foreign language film category for this year’s Academy Awards. “It’s mandatory to release a film before that date for some technical reasons if you want to apply for that category. The application dates will be announced in a week’s time,” she added.

Rima’s previous venture Village Rockstars was India’s official entry for the Oscars last year.

Bulbul Can Sing will be released in at least 28 theatres across the state. From September 27, the film will be released in some selected cities in the country.

Besides directing and the writing the script, Rima also produced the film like her previous initiatives. The film narrates the story of Bulbul, a teenaged girl, who grows up in a rural Assam set up. While she is on the verge of discovering her adolescent life, a tragedy strikes her best friend. A spirited Bulbul, then, fights her way through love and loss as she figures out who she really is.

The film features Arnali Das, Bonita Thakuriya, Manoranjan Das, Manabendra Das and Pakija Begam, among others.