Betrayed, trafficked, tortured & judged - TRP Aru..., story of a girl sold by her father and branded a sex worker, to hit screens

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  • Published 24.11.14
A poster of TRP Aru...

Guwahati, Nov. 23: The rise in trafficking of women from Assam has been a cause for worry not only for police and social activists but also filmmakers.

Filmmaker Mridul Gupta has now captured the burning issue and its sensationalisation by news channels in his new film, TRP Aru… (TRP And…), which is set to hit the screens next week.

“Trafficking of women has become a serious problem in Assam. According to available data, it is allegedly an Rs 40,000-crore business in the Northeast. Trafficking is undertaken in different forms. Through the film, I am trying to portray how such incidents affect the lives of different people and how news channels allegedly use them as a means to increase their TRP,” said Gupta.

The Rajat Kamal-winning director, for his documentary, Tai Phakey, said in TRP Aru, he has highlighted the circumstances leading to women trafficking and their repercussions in the society. The 97-minute film is based on a true story.

Sources said a total of 7,788 children, including 5,023 girls, went missing in Assam between 2009 and May this year. Of them, only 3,569 have been traced so far. According to the police, Assam is a source area and transit route for trafficking of women and children, who are illegally transported for sexual/labour exploitation, domestic help and through false marriages. Victims are trafficked to different parts of the country and there have been instances of trafficking across international borders as well.

The film deals with a victim of trafficking who was sold by her father when she was young and her trauma after being branded a sex worker by news channels without exploring reality. There are protests as well as efforts by some others to look into the circumstances leading to her suffering.

The film, shot entirely in Guwahati, is co-produced by the Assam State Film (Finance and Development) Corporation and J.R. Enterprise.

Urmila Mahanta, who has earned a name in the Hindi and the Bengali film industry, makes an entry into the Assamese film industry with TRP Aru….

Other cast members include Gunjan Bharadwaj, Fairy Priya and Prince Chauhan.

Gupta, Manimala Das and Pankaj Jyoti Bhuyan have penned the story, while Das has written the screenplay of the film.

“The film will be released in more than 20 screens across the state on November 28,” Gupta said. This is Gupta’s fourth feature film after Xutrapat (1985), Abhiman (1992) and Krishnasura (1996).