Barman blows anti-Left bugle

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  • Published 22.07.05

Agartala, July 22: Former chief minister and new PCC president Samir Ranjan Barman has called for ?mass resistance? against the ?politics of terror unleashed by the CPM-led Left Front in Tripura? over the past 12 years.

?The CPM celebrated its return to power in Tripura in 1993 by liquidating at least 10 Congress leaders and workers even before the government was sworn in and the process has continued,? Barman asserted at a workers? meeting held in Udaipur, headquarters of South Tripura.

He is currently touring South Tripura to assess the party profile before nominating block, subdivsion and district-level committees. His tour of South Tripura will be followed by visits to Dhalai and North Tripura districts.

Addressing party leaders and workers in Udaipur, he said if the state does not redress the grievances of the people then it clearly indicates that democracy has been a complete failure in the state. He further said Congress workers must file their case with the police if the CPM workers attack them. Barman said if the police choose to keep mute, then the Congress workers will be left with no other alternative but to fight in self-defence.

Calling on party workers to unite under the Congress banner, Barman said the forthcoming elections to the Agartala Municipal Council and nagar panchayats would be an acid test for the party.

?We must ensure that the CPM is duly punished and we can do this only if we fight the polls as a united party, putting forward accepted candidates,? Barman said. He said the PCC would not impose its choice on the lower units of the party.

He advised party workers and leaders to select their own leaders and candidates for the polls. Barman said the block, subdivision and district-level committees of the state would be announced as soon as he finishes consulting leaders and workers at the grassroots level.

Barman has enlisted the support of senior party leaders, including his longstanding rivals Sudhir Ranjan Mazumder and Ashok Bhattacharya. He had personally visited both of them and asked them to be present at the PCC meeting held yesterday. Both of them and other party leaders attended the PCC meeting and promised to resolve personal differences and work together to secure a win for the party in the upcoming elections.