4000 D-voters in Kamrup

Altogether 4,833 D (doubtful)-voters have been detected in the Kamrup (metro) district draft voter list, which will be published on Monday.

By Manash Pratim Dutta in Guwahati
  • Published 14.10.17

Guwahati, Oct. 13: Altogether 4,833 D (doubtful)-voters have been detected in the Kamrup (metro) district draft voter list, which will be published on Monday.

According to the voter list, 81 D-voters were detected in Jalukbari Assembly constituency, 2,651 in Dispur constituency, 117 in Gauhati East and 930 in Gauhati West. Of these, 2,518 are women and 2,315 men.

D-voters are those who have been disenfranchised for their alleged lack of proper citizenship credentials.

Altogether 1,028,127 people have been enlisted in the voter list, of whom 5,17,344 are men and 5,10,783 women. There are 1,86,183 voters in Jalukbari, 3,62,589 in Dispur, 2,17,729 in Gauhati East and 2,61,626 in Gauhati West.

Kamrup (metro) election officer Rahul Chandra Das said time will be given from October 16 to November 15 to file claims and objections. From October 20 to November 3, document verification will be carried out and all claims and objections will be disposed within December 15 and the final voter list will be published on January 12, he said.

"The Election Commission has set up a National Voter Service Portal where anyone can upload their documents. It is very easy and time-saving. So I request all to go online for any update or verification. Those who are not comfortable with the online process can also fill an application form which will be available in all polling booths," he said.

Das said 57 new polling booths will be set up, including 21 in Jalukbari, 18 in Dispur, three in Gauhati East and 15 in Gauhati West. Thirty-one polling booths will be shifted to new premises, including four in Jalukbari, nine in Dispur, seven in Gauhati East and 11 in Gauhati West.

The total number of polling stations in Kamrup (metro) will be 1,170.

Das said the stress will be on inclusion of new voters who have just turned 18. All booth-level officers will visit homes for inclusion of young voters on the directions of the commission.

The portal provides single-window service to electors. Anyone can search his name in the electoral list, apply online in English or Hindi for new registration and for corrections, view details of a particular polling booth, Assembly and parliamentary constituency, get contact details of booth-level, electoral registration officers and so on .