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Ind vs NZ: Record-setting Virat Kohli, Shami take Team India to World Cup final

Rohit's pyrotechnics, tons by Kohli and Iyer, and a fluent 65-ball 79 by Shubman Gill, who retired hurt due to cramps, powered India to formidable 397 after the skipper won a good toss

Our Web Desk Mumbai Published 15.11.23, 06:21 PM
Mohammed Shami celebrates the wicket of New Zealand’s captain Kane Williamson

Mohammed Shami celebrates the wicket of New Zealand’s captain Kane Williamson PTI

  • INDIA WINS! Double breakthrough for Shami as New Zealand stops at 327
  • Siraj brought back and he strikes! Siraj's short ball strategy works as Santner's top edge is comfortably pouched by Rohit at mid-off. Southee, however, gets lucky with an edge sailing over third man for a boundary. Kiwis 320/8 in 48 overs
  • Bumrah continues. Mixes it up with a slower one, creating a chance as Santner chips it, but Rohit can't grasp the tough catch at mid-wicket. Two dot balls end the over. NZ 313/7 in 47 overs
  • RECORD ALERT! Shami becomes first bowler to pick four five-wicket hauls in World Cups. NZ 308/7 in 46 overs
  • Shami seals the deal! Off-cutter does the trick as Mitchell attempts a leg-side loft, but he can only find Jadeja in the deep. The catch is secured, and India clinches the victory.
  • Bumrah continues. Unleashes a series of yorkers, denying Mitchell any room for big shots. The pressure is palpable as India aims to close in on victory without conceding boundaries. New Zealand 305/6 in 45 overs
  • Kuldeep signs off with a wicket! Kuldeep completes his spell with a tidy final over. Mitchell takes a single, and the new batsman, Chapman, is dismissed off the last ball. Chapman departs without scoring, and Kuldeep finishes with a strong performance. New Zealand 299/6 in 44 overs
  • OUT! Bumrah strikes in the 43rd over, dismissing the dangerous Phillips. A slower ball deceives him, and the mistimed shot results in a high catch. Jadeja makes no mistake, providing a crucial breakthrough for India. Phillips departs for 41.
  • Kuldeep slows momentum: Phillips and Mitchell look to accelerate, but Kuldeep stifles them with a tight over, allowing only two runs. Pressure building on New Zealand in the crucial stage. New Zealand 288/4 in 42 overs
  • Phillips' Power Surge! Siraj struggles in the 41st over. Phillips takes full advantage, smashing two sixes and a four, injecting crucial momentum for New Zealand. New Zealand 286/4 in 41 overs
  • Shami continues. Delivers a fuller one, but Mitchell is ready. He scoops it artfully behind the keeper for a spectacular SIX! Kiwis 266/4 in 40 overs
  • Mitchell's Precision! Siraj aims to keep it away, but Mitchell showcases his skills, using the angle to slice the ball to the off-side boundary for a crucial FOUR! New Zealand 257/4 in 39 overs
  • Shami's continues. He delivers a precise yorker, forcing Mitchell to squeeze out a single to long off. However, Shami misses his length, offering a juicy full toss. Mitchell capitalises with a powerful straight six! NZ 245/4 in 38 overs
  • Siraj returns. Siraj starts with a wide yorker, keeping Mitchell on his toes. The bowler maintains a tight line, restricting Mitchell's scoring opportunities. NZ 236/4 in 37 overs
  • Jadeja almost deceives Mitchell with a tricky delivery. Strong appeal, but no review. Mitchell battles cramps but returns. Phillips capitalizes on a wide one, cutting it for a boundary. NZ 231/4 in 36 overs
  • Shami keeps Mitchell on his toes with a mix of pace. A tense moment as a slower delivery narrowly avoids the stumps. The Wankhede crowd, hands on heads, senses the intensity. New Zealand 224/4 in 35 overs
  • Jadeja's Mastery! With a slip in place, Jadeja applies immense pressure on new batter Glenn Phillips. Five consecutive dot balls showcase India's dominance, delighting the crowd. New Zealand 221/4 in 34 overs
  • RECORD ALERT! Mohammed Shami becomes fastest to 50 ODI World Cup wickets.
  • OUT! Williamson Departs! Shami reintroduced. Mitchell notches a single, reaching his hundred. Shami angles one into Williamson's pads. Attempting a flick, he finds SKY at deep square leg. India asserts control. Shami Strikes Again! A precision delivery from Shami crashes into Latham's pads, and the lbw decision is swift. No doubts, no reviews. Double blow for New Zealand. Score 221/4 in 33 overs
  • The drinks break allows India a moment to regroup. In Jadeja's eighth over, three consecutive dot balls create pressure against Mitchell. However, Jadeja errs with a short delivery, and Williamson capitalizes, smashing it to deep mid-wicket for a crucial four. NZ 219/2 in 32 overs
  • Bumrah delivers a full ball, and Mitchell responds with a straight-batted shot over long-off, sailing for an incredible SIX! Following suit, Williamson compounds Bumrah's challenge, carving a boundary past extra cover. The Indian bowling unit faces an unfamiliar level of pressure. New Zealand 213/2 in 31 overs
  • Kuldeep's eighth over sees Mitchell pulling one to the leg side for a single. Williamson, meanwhile, executes a well-placed slog sweep, piercing the leg side field for a boundary. Mitchell continues with the reverse sweep, finding another four behind point. New Zealand 199/2 in 30 overs
  • Bumrah introduces an off-cutter, inducing a mishit from Mitchell that lands safely and races to the boundary. A wide follows, and Williamson, taking advantage, hits a half-tracker straight to Shami at mid-on. Shockingly, Shami spills the chance. What a miss! New Zealand 188/2 in 29 overs
  • Kuldeep goes full, and Mitchell employs the reverse sweep for a boundary behind third man. Both batsmen, feeling the pressure of the run rate, are successfully finding quick runs. Six runs from the over. New Zealand 180/2 in 28 overs
  • Jadeja's seventh over. Mitchell singles to deep point, Williamson adds another to extra cover. Full from Jadeja, and Mitchell launches it to the second tier. Massive six! New Zealand 174/2 in 27 overs
  • Sixth over for Kuldeep. Williamson reaches his fifty with a punch to long off. Full delivery, and Mitchell attempts an aggressive shot with no timing, but it lands safely between long on and mid-wicket. NZ 165/2 in 26 overs
  • Jadeja to Mitchell. The batsman cuts the first delivery for a single, and Williamson punches down to long on for another run. Mitchell then hammers a six, lapping up the overpitched delivery and sending it over the bowler's head. Two more runs follow down to fine leg. NZ 161/2 in 25 overs
  • Kuldeep Yadav's over yields just three runs. Williamson is struck twice on the pads, but no significant impact. New Zealand 151/2 in 24 overs
  • Jadeja continues. Mitchell secures a single, reaching his half-century. The over concludes with four overthrows due to a wayward throw from Jadeja, who aimed at the striker's end but missed, running wide to the boundary. New Zealand 148/2 in 23 overs
  • Kuldeep Yadav's fourth over appears quiet until the final delivery when Williamson creates room and slaps the ball through extra cover. The duo's partnership reaches 100. New Zealand 141/2 in 22 overs
  • Jadeja in action. Williamson charges down, securing a single to long on. Mitchell misses his sweep, struck on the pad, and a near caught-and-bowled opportunity. Mitchell's punch to long on narrowly eludes Jadeja's grasp. The over concludes with a powerful six from Mitchell, sending the ball down the ground and onto the second tier. New Zealand 133/2 in 21 overs
  • Kuldeep Yadav continues. A sloppy error from Bumrah allows the ball to go under his legs on Mitchell's shot through point, resulting in a boundary. Six runs added in the over. New Zealand 124/2 in 20 overs
  • Jadeja returns. Williamson takes a single to deep square leg. Iyer executes a reverse sweep for two runs. A single off the final delivery results in four runs from the over. New Zealand 118/2 in 19 overs
  • Kuldeep continues. Williamson seizes on a short ball, pulling it to deep square leg for four. An appeal follows! Sharp turn, and Williamson is trapped in front. India reviews. Appears to be heading down leg. Umpire's call on the stumps, maintaining India's review. India requests a third umpire review for a run-out, but replays confirm it was Rahul's hand hitting the stumps. New Zealand 114/2 in 18 overs
  • Shami's fourth over begins with a sublime six from Mitchell, lofting a length ball over long off. Mitchell follows up with a powerful four through mid-on. Shami, attempting to pitch it up for swing, faces Mitchell's confident batting. A single to long on concludes the over, with 11 runs added. New Zealand 104/2 in 17 overs
  • Kuldeep Yadav introduced. Williamson flicks to deep square leg for a single. Mitchell sweeps to fine leg, securing the second single. Williamson pulls to deep mid-wicket, adding one more. Two more with a sweep to fine leg. The final delivery yields another single, totaling six off the over. New Zealand 93/2 in 16 overs
  • Lucky Williamson! Siraj opts for a short ball, resulting in a top edge sailing over the keeper for a six. A late cut to third man and a single follows. Mitchell adds a four off the inside edge to fine leg. The sequence concludes with a dot as the players head for drinks. New Zealand 87/2 in 15 overs
  • Jadeja to Mitchell, who chips it over cover. The shot lacks perfect control, but Mitchell secures a couple of runs. NZ 74/2 in 14 overs
  • Siraj back in action. 4 leg byes as the ball sneaks between Williamson's bat and pad, grazing the back thigh and eluding Rahul. FOUR more follow as Mitchell charges down and dispatches it through point. NZ 72/2 in 13 overs
  • Jadeja introduced, Williamson singles to long on. Mitchell's reverse sweep pops off his arm to slip, India considers a review but Rahul advises against it. Mitchell capitalizes on a no-ball, guiding it to fine leg for four, the free hit only yields a single for NZ. Score 61/2 in 12 overs
  • Siraj, in his second spell, faces Daryll Mitchell, who stylishly lofts an over-pitched delivery over covers for four, bringing up New Zealand's 50. Mitchell showcases skill, pulling a bouncer behind square for another boundary. Score 54/2 in 11 overs
  • Shami's third over commences, a milestone in sight with one wicket away from 50 World Cup scalps. A costly error as he concedes 5 wides down leg. Mitchell, slicing one to mid-on, survives a direct-hit scare after a third umpire review. Williamson, beaten, watches the ball whizz past his edge to the keeper. New Zealand 46/2 in 10 overs
  • Bumrah continues, crafting a maiden over, marking the first of the innings. Impeccable bowling from Bumrah, tightening the screws. New Zealand 40/2 in 9 overs
  • Shami maintains the pressure, beating Rachin. The breakthrough comes as Rachin edges to Rahul, departing for 13. Daryl Mitchell enters at No. 4. A wide follows down leg, concluding with a dot. New Zealand 40/2 in 8 overs
  • OUT! Shami strikes again as Rachin Ravindra departs for 13. New Zealand 40/2
  • Bumrah to Rachin, an inside edge for a single to fine leg. Drama follows as Williamson faces a delivery shaping away, an appeal for a potential edge. India contemplates a review but opts against it in the end. New Zealand 35/1 in 7 overs
  • OUT! First change, Shami introduced. Immediate impact! Conway falls to the drive, thick edge, caught by Rahul. Conway departs for 13. Kane Williamson enters, shouldering arms initially. Shami overpitches, Kane capitalizes, driving through cover point for four. New Zealand 34/1 in 6 overs
  • Bumrah's over continues, marred by another wide. A significant delivery goes for 5 wides, highlighting Bumrah's struggle with line and length. An inside edge from Rachin to fine leg earns a single. New Zealand 30/0 in 5 overs
  • Siraj to Rachin, a cautious tap to cover, Conway denies the single. Rachin, uncomfortable, tentatively pushes at an away-seamer but misses. A four follows as Rachin clips a delivery on the pads over square leg. New Zealand 23/0 in 4 overs
  • Bumrah's away-swinger beats Conway's edge. Two wides follow, one outside off, the other down the leg side. A rising delivery induces an inside edge for Conway, driving for four. Another wide from Bumrah down the leg side. New Zealand 19/0 in 3 overs
  • Siraj enters from the other end, Ravindra defends the first ball. Siraj maintains an off-and-middle line, Ravindra plays with a straight bat. A fortuitous edge flies through the vacant second slip region for four. New Zealand 12/0 in 2 overs
  • Jasprit Bumrah begins, Conway opens with two consecutive boundaries, slashing past point and capitalizing on width. A well-pitched delivery beats Conway. The over concludes with eight runs. Vibrant start for New Zealand. Score 8/0 in 1 over
  • New Zealand starts their chase

Virat Kohli's larger than life persona grew even more when he chose the big occasion to conjure up a historic 50th ODI century, propelling India to a massive 397 for four in the World Cup semifinal against New Zealand after it had been subdued by Rohit Sharma's opening onslaught on Wednesday.


While India's two super stars in their own inimitable style flattened the New Zealand attack, Shreyas Iyer too rose to the occasion with a ruthless century in the big game, leaving the Kiwis gasping.

The New Zealand bowlers surprisingly looked at sea against the home batters, who scored boundaries with consummate ease.

Kohli scaled the highest peak in ODI batting and was the centerpiece of India's domination with his third century of this World Cup, scoring 117 off 113 balls with nine fours and two sixes.

He also became the highest run-getter in a single edition of World Cup, again surpassing the legendary Tendulkar (623 run in 2003) "The great man just congratulated me. It feels like a dream. Too good to be true. Big game for us and I played the role so that the guys around me can come and express themselves," Kohli said.

Kohli's feat was witnessed not only by the legendary Sachin Tendulkar, whose record the modern-day great broke but also by batting legends Sunil Gavaskar, Viv Richards and football legend David Beckham. Complementing Kohli's sustained brilliance was Iyer's 70-ball 105 laced with eight sixes and four fours — a knock that pummelled New Zealand into submission.

If both Kohli and Gill could play their games it was because Rohit's ultra aggressive approach yet again had provided a rollicking start that blew away the pressure of the big game.

It was not a huge score but the way the India captain went about his business in his 29-ball 47-run knock that punctured New Zealand resistance and they could not recover from that.

Gill, who was forced to retire hurt due to severe cramps, did well to come out at the fag end and finished at 80 not out off 66 balls, hammering eight fours and three sixes in the process.

India's score is is now a record total for any team in history of 50-overs World Cup semifinals. Kohli's strokes pierced the field with utmost precision, the running between the wickets was impeccable as ever and the ball seemed to have hit the meatiest part of his bat most of the times after he survived a close leg-before appeal at the start of his innings. The ball was set rolling by ‘captain fearless’ Rohit, who went hammer and tongs from the word go to rip apart New Zealand pacers Trent Boult and Tim Southee.

Having stroked his way to 47 with four sixes and as many boundaries, Rohit got beaten by an off-cutter from Southee that ended his assault.

For Rohit had left New Zealand gasping for breath — the usually composed Kiwis appeared to be scrambling for answers to stop the Indian skipper until Tim Southee found one.

The senior Kiwi bowler produced a smart slower delivery — an off cutter — which lured Rohit to go for another big hit. But this time, he could not connect as well as he had done earlier.

The ball went high in the air but not the distance.

But the credit for the dismissal went to the fielder — Kane Williamson — as much as it did to the bowler. Williamson, stationed at mid off, went behind and sideways to take a stunning catch over his head.

It was, however, the only success that New Zealand enjoyed for the majority of the innings as they kept chasing leather.

In fact, New Zealand made desperate moves early on that showed they were panicking.

Mitchell Santner came on as early as in the sixth over and by the 13th, New Zealand had the rookie Rachin Ravindra tasked with the job to stop the Indians. Glenn Phillips too was tried, but without any success.

A little tentative to start but compelling to watch when he found his groove, Gill's strokes on both the sides of the pitch were simply fabulous to watch.


India Innings:

Rohit Sharma c Williamson b Southee 47 Shubman Gill not out 80 Virat Kohli c Conway b Southee 117 Shreyas Iyer c Daryl Mitchell b Boult 105 KL Rahul not out 39 Suryakumar Yadav c Glenn Phillips b Southee 1

Extras: (B-1, LB-1, W-6) 8

Total: (4 wkts, 50 Overs) 397

Fall of Wickets: 71-1, 327-2, 381-3, 382-4.

Bowler: Trent Boult 10-0-86-1, Tim Southee 10-0-100-3, Mitchell Santner 10-1-51-0, Lockie Ferguson 8-0-65-0, Rachin Ravindra 7-0-60-0, Glenn Phillips 5-0-33-0.

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