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Below-par total: Australia restricts India to 240 with superb bowling display in World Cup 2023 Final

India takes on five-time champions Australia in a winner-takes-it-all World Cup final

Our Web Desk Ahmedabad Published 19.11.23, 01:34 PM
India's Jasprit Bumrah reacts after bowling

India's Jasprit Bumrah reacts after bowling Reuters

  • Australia secures a six-wicket victory. Siraj starts with two runs. Head lofts one over mid-off for four, bringing Australia within four runs. However, he departs, caught by Gill. Maxwell seals the win with a pull shot behind square, completing the required two runs. Australia emerges triumphant.
  • Siraj to Head, starts with two runs. FOUR! Lofts it over mid off. Australia now just four runs away.
  • Jasprit Bumrah again. Just one off the over, a single for Head before Marnus knocks around the rest.
  • Siraj once again. FOUR! Head with a single on the first delivery. Marnus is quick to get on his back foot and send a bouncer to the fence
  • Bumrah again. FOUR for Marnus brings up his half century. Clips it off his pads to bring up a match-winning fifty.
  • Siraj back into the attack. Marnus pulls the first to deep square to pick a single. Head punches it to long on for one. Marnus clips to fine leg for the third single of the over. Two more of the final two for five in the over.
  • Kuldeep concludes his spell. Head slogs a six over long on. Four additional singles in the over, totaling 10. Australia remains aggressive, utilizing the final overs effectively. Australia 214/3 in 38 overs
  • Siraj resumes. Head pulls to deep mid-wicket for one, followed by Marnus driving to deep cover for another run. Head capitalizes on a short delivery, making room, and smashes it over cow corner for six. A slower bouncer beats Head, but he picks a single off the final delivery to retain the strike. Australia maintains an aggressive approach. Australia 204/3 in 37 overs
  • Kuldeep continues. Three singles in the over. AUS 195/3 in 36 overs
  • Jadeja to SIX! Slog sweeps a full-length delivery with perfection. Punches the third to deep cover for one. Australia 192/3 in 35 overs
  • Kuldeep in action again. Head steps out, chips it over mid-on for a boundary. Another four as he pulls a back-of-a-length delivery, slicing it but clearing the fielder. Two runs, moving to 99. Head reaches his century with a single to covers. An exceptional innings! Score 185/3 in 34 overs
  • Jadeja delivers his ninth over. Marnus taps one to long off for a single. Head attempts a slog sweep, not quite middled, but still secures a run to deep mid-wicket. Steady progress for Australia. Score 174/3 in 33 overs
  • Kuldeep Yadav returns for his seventh over. The third delivery stays low, but Head guides it to long off for a single. Marnus gets an edge to backward point, adding a run. Steady batting by Australia. Australia 172/3 in 32 overs
  • Jadeja continues, Marnus collects a couple with a fine leg clip on the final delivery. Three runs from the over. Australia remains measured against Jadeja's spin. Australia 170/3 in 31 overs
  • Bumrah induces a flick from Marnus to deep square leg. Head defends against a yorker, securing a quick single as the cover fielder intervenes. Steady batting by Australia. AUS 167/3 in 30 overs
  • Bumrah to Marnus, a flick to deep square leg for a single. Head defends against a yorker, managing a quick single. Australia maintains control, accumulating runs against Bumrah. India 167/3 in 30 overs
  • Jadeja continues. Three singles in that over. Australia 165/3 in 29 overs
  • Bumrah's second spell begins with a four as Head makes a half-hearted swing, landing in no man’s land. Another four as Head cracks it down the ground. A single follows. Appeals for LBW against Marnus, review taken, survives on umpire's call. Australia 162/3 in 28 overs
  • Jadeja's sixth over sees Marnus punching one to long off for a single, followed by a single for Head. Two additional singles accumulate. Steady progress for Australia against spin. Australia 148/3 in 27 overs
  • Shami concedes a boundary as Marnus crunches one through covers. A top edge off a bouncer falls short of the fielder, resulting in another four. Head finishes the over with a powerful pull shot. Australia 144/3 in 26 overs
  • Jadeja continues, Head's late cut finds the gap for another boundary. Four singles follow, accumulating eight runs in the over. Australia maintains control, steadily building their total against Jadeja. Australia 135/3 in 25 overs
  • Shami returns, Head's authoritative shot crushes morale, hitting over the bowler's head for a boundary. Desperation grows as Australia scores five off the over. India seeks breakthroughs. Australia 127/3 in 24 overs
  • Jadeja returns, and Australia gathers five singles off the over. India seeks wickets to shift momentum. The visitors remain composed, steadily building their innings against the spin. Australia 122/3 in 23 overs
  • Kuldeep Yadav continues. Head's single brings up his fifty, back-to-back half-centuries for him. Labuschagne edges a cut past the keeper for a boundary. Seven runs off the over. Steady progress for Australia. AUS 117/3 in 22 overs
  • Siraj continues, Head anticipates the short ball, slapping it past Cow Corner for a boundary. Six runs off the over. Australia remains assertive, maintaining a steady scoring rate. Australia 110/3 in 21 overs
  • Labuschagne leans forward, playing a fuller ball to covers for a single, bringing up Australia's 100 in the 20th over.
  • Labuschagne and Head's resilient partnership reaches 50 with a quick single. Australia remains ahead in the game. Four runs from the over. Steady progress for the visitors.
  • Post-drinks, Kuldeep continues. Head and Labuschagne exhibit control, securing two singles. Steady batting by Australia after the break. The spin challenge persists for India, aiming for breakthroughs.
  • Mohammed Siraj makes his first appearance in the match. Head slashes hard at point for a boundary. Two singles conclude the over, adding six runs. Australia's innings builds with momentum. Aus 93/3 in 17 overs
  • Kuldeep concedes a massive six to Head with a powerful slog sweep over deep mid-wicket. Head takes a single off the next ball. Australia's batting gains momentum. Score 87/3 in 16 overs
  • Jadeja concedes four singles in his over as the run rate drops to 5.19. India seeks quick wickets to regain control. Australia remains steady, cautious against the spin. Australia 78/3 after 15 overs
  • Kuldeep continues. 4 runs from the over. Australia 74/3 in 14 overs
  • Jadeja continues. 2 runs from the over. Australia 70/3 in 13 overs
  • Kuldeep Yadav introduced. Just three singles from the over. Australia 68/3 in 12 overs
  • Jadeja's first over yields just five runs. Head survives a leg-before-wicket appeal on the final ball, prompting a discussion, but Rohit decides against the review. Australia cautious against spin. Australia 65/3 in 11 overs
  • Shami's fifth over sees Head playing late for a boundary past third man. Shami changes sides and comes around the wicket, but Head punishes a slower ball with back-to-back boundaries. Australia reaches 60/3 in the PowerPlay
  • Bumrah delivers four dots before Rahul misses a regulation ball behind the wicket, conceding four byes. Australia crosses 50 with the extras, facing a probing Indian attack. Score 51/3 in 9 overs
  • Labuschagne joins at number five. Smith's review shows the ball missing the wickets, a brain-fade moment. Shami bowls a maiden. Score 47/3 in 8 overs
  • Bumrah's fourth over sees just a single in the first three deliveries. Smith responds with a glorious on-drive for four. However, Bumrah strikes back, trapping Smith LBW for five runs in the over. Australia 47/3 in 7 overs
  • Shami's third over features a massive LBW appeal against Head, well-denied by Rahul as the ball was heading down the leg. A thrilling over in Ahmedabad, yielding just a single. Australia 42/2 in 6 overs
  • OUT! Bumrah strikes thiss time. Mitchell Marsh cant judge the line. Outside edge and get straight into KL Rahul's safe hands. Bumrah delivers a wicket-maiden. Australia 41/2 in 5 overs
  • Shami's second over begins with a wide, turned into three due to aggressive running. Marsh responds with a powerful six, smashing it over covers. 12 runs off the over. AUS 41/1 in 4 overs
  • Bumrah continues. What an over for Indian pacer! Only one run from it. Australia 29/1 in 3 overs
  • OUT! Shami, around the wicket, starts with a wide. Warner attempts a cut but edges to slips, caught by Virat Kohli. Australia 28/1 in 2 overs, Shami making an immediate impact.
  • Bumrah's delightful outswinger takes Warner's edge for a four. Warner then plays a swinging ball, earning three runs. Head joins the scoring with back-to-back fours. 15 runs in the over.
  • Australia starts their chase

Australian bowlers saved their best for last while Indian batting faltered when it mattered the most, getting bowled out for a below-par 240 on a tricky pitch in the high-profile World Cup final here on Sunday.


Prior to the summit showdown, Australian skipper Pat Cummins (2/34 in 10 overs) had said that there is "nothing more satisfying than hearing a big crowd go silent." On the day, he kept his promise with one odd delivery that bounced a shade extra and Virat Kohli (54), trying to push it towards the empty cover area, was played on in the process.

There was a deafening silence at the packed 132,000 Narendra Modi Stadium and across every nook and corner of India, and 'King Kohli' found it hard to take the long walk back to the pavilion.

On a track where stroke-making became extremely difficult with each passing over, KL Rahul's composed 66 off 107 is worth its weight in gold but he would have ideally liked to bat till the end having done the hard grind.

The degree of difficulty could be gauged by the fact that the Indians managed only 13 fours in the entire innings, apart from the three sixes hit by skipper Rohit Sharma.

The Indian team would hope that it won't be any easier for batting when Australia begin their chase as dew could make life difficult for the home team bowlers.

Otherwise, on a track where the ball is gripping Ravindra Jadeja and Kuldeep Yadav could be very difficult to get away, after the three Australian spinners (Adam Zampa, Glenn Maxwell and Travis Head) collectively gave away only 83 runs in their 18 overs with two wickets.

Even though Shubman Gill's poor execution of a short-arm pull brought his early downfall, Rohit showed little nerves as he played some expansive strokes on his way to a brisk 31-ball-47.

Rohit picked Josh Hazlewood's (2/60 in 10 overs) length early for some special treatment and was also harsh on Mitchell Starc (3/55 in 10 overs) as he got three sixes and four boundaries in no time.

However, it was Travis Head's turn to do a Kapil Dev as Maxwell's (1/35 in 6 overs) delivery stopped with the Indian skipper dancing down the track in search of a maximum. The thick outside edge flew over cover and Head, running backwards, completed a stunner that broke India's hearts and momentum.

The Australian fielding was exceptional as the field placement by Cummins was immaculate and the manner in which the fielders inside the ring cut the angles and outfielders saved boundaries was there to be seen.

Kohli started with three stunning boundaries -- an on-drive, a slash behind point and a cover drive to set the pace followed by a punch off Maxwell through extra-cover.

With Cummins sending Shreyas Iyer back with a pitched-up delivery that straightened and the batter played inside the line, it was time for consolidation from the Kohli-Rahul duo, who added 67 in 18.1 overs.

It was a phase where Cummins' cerebral captaincy helped the Aussies maintain a stranglehold on the duo. They couldn't hit a boundary for 97 balls and the wagon wheel showed that most of Kohli's 34 singles came in the arc between square leg and long-on. Rahul, at the other end, had one boundary only.

Cummins placed a fielder on the leg-side boundary and asked his spinners to bowl straight lines, allowing Kohli little room to manoeuvre on the off-side.

Then when he brought himself on, he opened the cover region and bowled a Test match length, packing the leg-side field and on a fairly benign track, it took one ball to bounce a tad extra and break a billion hearts.

Cummins didn't do much through the entire tournament but did just enough when he needed to, just like captains do.

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