Waugh tips for archers

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  • Published 22.07.12

London: Explaining the centuries-old significance of Lord’s cricket ground to some of Australia’s Olympic archers is all in a day’s work for former Test cricket captain Steve Waugh.

Lord’s is one of the iconic venues being used by the Games, with archers firing their arrows at a target 70 metres away across a swathe of grass familiar to viewers worldwide from cricket Tests.

Waugh, one of the top 10 Test run-scorers of all-time, knows a thing or two about the venerable ‘home of cricket’ as do most cricket-crazy compatriots brought up on regular Ashes triumphs over the Poms.

There is always an exception to every rule and Waugh, in London as an athlete liaison officer with the Australian Olympic team, revealed on Saturday that at least one of his charges had bowled him a googly. “I gave some advice to one of the archers the other day, and she didn’t really know what Lord’s was,” he said at a briefing in the Olympic media centre.

“I said ‘Which end do you shoot from?’ and she said ‘We’re shooting from the end where there’s this old red brick building behind us’. I said ‘That’s the Lord’s pavilion’. So you try and add a bit of value where you can.”

One could almost hear the sound of apoplectic gargling from the tied and blazered members of the Marylebone Cricket Club, goggling at the description of one of the most famous landmarks in world sport.