Fica’s action against BPL

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  • Published 12.07.12

Sydney: The Federation of International Cricketers’ Association (Fica) said on Wednesday that it will join players in legal action over unpaid wages by the Bangladesh Premier League (BPL), calling the situation “a joke”.

Bangladesh’s inaugural Twenty20 league was held in February and attracted a host of overseas players, including the Australians, but at least 12 have not been paid their full dues, amounting to over $600,000, Fica said.

In addition, local Bangladeshi players have received, on average, less than 60 per cent of their wages, with only eight paid what they are owed.

Australians Brad Hogg, Brad Hodge and Shane Harwood played in the Twenty20 competition. Hogg and Hodge were the Australian mainstays in the tournament, with Harwood injured in his second game.

The Australian Cricketers’ Association says either Hogg or Hodge hasn’t been paid.

“My understanding is that one of them has been paid and the other didn’t receive any payment,” Paul Marsh, the chief executive of the association, said on Wednesday, adding he didn’t want to name the unpaid player.