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ICC Cricket World Cup 2019: Is this it for India? Anxiety memes are flying on Twitter

Lots of prayers for Dhoni to deliver, some also want Modi to pad up

By The Telegraph in New Delhi
  • Published 10.07.19, 6:13 PM
  • Updated 10.07.19, 6:13 PM
  • a min read
Rohit Sharma watches the semifinal between India and New Zealand at Old Trafford in Manchester on July 10. AP

One section of Indian Netizens seems to have given up on the team's World Cup hopes. Others want Narendra Modi to play. And stand-up satirist Kunal Kamra is sure Amit Shah would call up the ICC.

On the reserve day in the semi-final, India started crumbling to New Zealand's bowling. In the 26th over, India was 80/5. As the wickets fell, the memes piled up.   

The handle of the on-road satire stand-up show Aisi Taisi Democracy, @AisiTaisiDemo, could not resist the temptation of bringing Narendra Modi into the dismal on-field picture. In the bargain, it also dragged back from memory a conversation that Modi had with a Puducherry booth worker on the NaMo app.

When the booth worker, Nirmal Kumar Jain, asked the Prime Minister about middle-class issues, Modi made a vague reply. Then after a pause, he said: “Chaliye, Puducherry ko Vanakkam,” signalling that he had nothing more to add.

@AisiTaisiDemo posted: "Chaliye, #CWC19 ko vanakkam."   

Kamra was out with a Modi meme too, but NRIs were in his gunsights. 

Some Indian fans agreed that they could barely watch the unfolding collapse of the batting order, but could not stop keeping an eye on the score, somehow.

Also, many Indian fans discovered the virtues of Dhoni, who till a few days back was being written off. A crisis of epic proportions that needed a Superman - that was more the tone as fans begged for Mahi's magic to take India through.

At least one person on Twitter wanted home minister Amit Shah to take the field.

At the time this report was uploaded, India had lost its sixth wicket.