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Trell is giving content creators room to innovate

We met two stars of the Indian lifestyle social commerce platform which leans on short videos
Karishma Rawat

Mathures Paul   |   Published 12.10.21, 11:03 PM

Dehradun-girl Karishma Rawat is presently living in Mumbai and she has been creating content since 2011. She believes fashion is a unique form of art and wants to have more conversations about how we can make mindful decisions about the garments we choose.

The journey as a content creator, leading up to walking the ramp for Lakme Fashion Week


In my 10 years of blogging, I have learnt that it is important to be willing to learn new skills at every step, it is important to be willing to evolve. I started with writing on Blogspot, then came other social media applications with which we were required to learn a completely new set of skills of clicking images, posing and editing. Then came the world of videos, for which we had to develop better communication skills while talking to the camera, learn how to shoot and edit videos. I don’t know what will come next but I am excited to see and excited to learn and grow.

Support from Trell

I love sharing the best in beauty, fashion and wellness with my audience and Trell helped me connect with such a large audience. My online family now has three-plus million people, thanks to Trell. Personally, very few platforms provide such opportunities to creators who are new to a platform.

Trell enabling a revenue stream

I was lucky to join Trell at the start of the second wave. During this phase, on the days I used to feel low, I started channelling my energy towards creating content. It made me feel that I was sharing ideas online that were adding value to people’s lives. It has given me opportunities to work with top brands in the fashion and beauty space which has led to profitable deals.

Staying motivated

I think I have the most blessed job in the world; I talk about things and ideas that I like with my audience and make a living out of it. I hardly find myself unmotivated these days, but when I am faced with the dreaded content creation block, I rest it out. Within two days, I find myself itching to create content again.

Trell helping to reach out to followers

The Trell community is more like a family; we discuss ideas and trends together. I go over metrics to see what is working with my fans and what is not. We always take feedback into consideration before creating any content. I love experimenting and Trell provides all the freedom to express freely which makes it easier to create engaging content.

Brand collaborations, thanks to support from Trell

To name a few… Plum, The Bombay Shaving Company and Sirona.

Tarini Shah

Born and brought up in Mumbai, 19-year-old Tarini Shah has enjoyed a spike in her follower base, having over 81,000 followers on YouTube and more than 195,000 followers on Instagram. She creates a variety of content — vlogs to motivational clips. Besides a keen interest in fashion, Tarini also has well-developed skills in image and video editing, design and marketing, making her one of the finest content creators. She recently walked the ramp at Lakme Fashion Week.

A content creator’s journey

I started my content creation journey in 2016 when I was just another college student and wanted to do something that helps me become more confident and challenges my creativity. I started taking content creation seriously and started creating content in 2020 during the lockdown. Since then I have worked every day to build a family over various social media platforms and have realised my love for curating content.

Support from Trell as a platform

Trell is a really versatile social media platform. One thing that I really love about Trell is that being experimental is actually accepted. I was able to try out different genres of content and test my creativity, which has proved helpful.

Trell enabling revenue creation

As a content creator when you have an active audience that interacts with you on any social media platform, you automatically gain attention from various brands that wish to collaborate. I was lucky to be able to collaborate with great brands in the lifestyle segment and generate revenue through brand collaborations

Preparing for Lakme Fashion Week

Preparing for such a grand event always comes with its own ups and downs. From making sure my content bank was ready to last days to actually packing my bags and flying to Delhi for my first work trip… the entire process was overwhelming and exciting.

Staying motivated

I feel every industry is competitive but when it comes to content creation I feel our industry just raises the bar and it’s not because of jealousy or any negative emotion but purely for the passion that a lot of people have. When you are curating content you have an idea, then you script it out, you source out various aspects of it, shoot it and finally edit it and all these components together help turn that one idea into reality. When you put so much of yourself into your work, you want to keep going and keep pushing to thrive and do what you love.

Trell helping to reach out to followers

Trell was one of the first platforms that I started curating content on. The audience on the platform is really understanding and sweet and the Trell community is really helpful. They have these creator courses that one can take which tells you all you need to know about, from lighting, to aesthetics, to shooting and even editing videos. Courses such as these have been really helpful in understanding content creation from the perspective of the platform itself.

Brand participation because of Trell’s support

I have collaborated with six to eight brands with the support of Trell.

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