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The OnePlus Buds makes top-notch truly wireless earbuds accessible

The phone is great and ticks many boxes. The Buds are fantastic and has done more than its bit for making truly wireless earbuds accessible.

Mathures Paul Published 31.08.20, 09:13 PM
The OnePlus Buds punches above its weight

The OnePlus Buds punches above its weight The Telegraph

Steve Jobs always offered a beautiful “one more thing” moment while introducing new Apple products. It was amazing. OnePlus probably didn’t know it would be a “one more thing” moment when the OnePlus Buds was introduced during the launch of the much-awaited OnePlus Nord. The phone is great and ticks many boxes. The Buds are fantastic and has done more than its bit for making truly wireless earbuds accessible.

A step into the OnePlus world


Given the current economic squeeze, people are avoiding spending more than Rs 10,000 on truly wireless earbuds, unless of course a flagship phone is on the shopping list. OnePlus has taken a different path. Give customers an affordable truly wireless earbuds and make them fall in love with the technology.

It serves two purposes. First, more and more phones are doing away with 3.5mm headphone jacks, forcing people to take wireless solutions seriously. It helps open up a new segment of products and also make some adjustments under the hood to make smartphones sleeker. Second, it could be a stepping stone into a new brand’s universe. Consider the OnePlus Nord. It’s a great phone at a good price. The idea is to make people who are not using OnePlus to experience the brand. Similarly, the Buds. It can also be a way to experience OnePlus.

In way of looks, there are many things that remind one of Apple AirPods. But that would be case if a brand wants to go with an open-ear design, which Apple has made popular.

Sound clarity

OnePlus Buds are definitely superior to the cheap options you would find on Amazon. By cheap we don’t mean the below Rs 2,500 market. There is a lot of good technology inside the Buds that can’t be offered cheap.
The charging case comes with a Type-C port, which means you can use just about any wire to power up the case, which has a beautiful finish and can be opened and shut easily. Be careful about the colour you choose. While we like the teal colour but it would go well only if you have a bright colour phone.

In way of fit, it doesn’t sit too deep into the ear canal and is comfortable. The stem design has proved to be functional. It’s closer to one’s mouth, which helps with calls. And the sound is powerful enough to drown the world around you.
It comes with a 13.4mm dynamic driver, which is actually quite cool. You will be able to experience 3D stereo with Dolby Atmos or stunning sound quality with Dirac Audio Tuner support. Bass heavy music plays really well but when it comes to Western classical, some of the finer aspects may get lost. In way of call quality, it’s pretty decent. Despite all the honking in the background, your voice would be heard quite well on the other end. Credit goes to OnePlus for incorporating enough microphones on each bud to filter out background noises.

There are two things we didn’t like about the Buds. First, if you take out one bud, the music stops. Second, wireless charging is missing.

Is it for you?

The OnePlus Buds come with IPX4 rating, which means it’s water and sweat resistant. It can offer seven hours of playback and another 30 hours in the case, which is amazing. The best part: The company hasn’t cut too many corners to make it a dollar-store deal. The OnePlus Buds truly punches above its weight and takes on the competition in any price range.

At a glance

Device: OnePlus Buds

  • Battery: Seven hours on the Buds and the case allows up to another 30 hours of listening time
  • Equipped with: A unique noise cancellation algorithm and three microphones to improve clarity
  • Driver: Comes with a 13.4mm dynamic driver
  • Rating: IPX4
  • Price: Rs 4,990
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