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Surit Doss answers your tech queries

To broom my box

Surit Doss Published 24.03.19, 10:13 AM
Dealing with the tech issues of the digital era.

Dealing with the tech issues of the digital era. istock

I have exhausted the 15GB storage limit of my Gmail account. To recover some space, I want to delete all the unnecessary emails. How do I go about it?

Ranveer Singh


The 15GB that Google gives you for free is shared among Gmail, Google Photos and Google Drive. You need to find out what exactly is taking up so much space. Follow this link: `` and you will be able to see how your storage has been used.

If your photos are taking up too much space, go to `` and delete some pictures that you do not need. For other files, go to `` and delete old documents.

Next, open Gmail and selectively delete your unwanted emails. In the Gmail search box type Older_than:3y. This will show all emails that are over three years old. You can replace the “3” with any other digit you choose, such as “5” or “7”. You can use another search operator to display emails that have very large attachments. For example, typing has:attachment larger:5M will list all emails that have an attachment over 5MB, making it easy to delete heavy mails.

FTTH upgrade

I want to upgrade my BSNL broadband to an FTTH (fibre to the home) connection. I am told that my existing DSL router/modem will not work.

Amlan Rakshit

FTTH uses a fibre optic cable instead of the copper one used in the existing connection. You will need a different kind of modem that is called an ONT (Open Network Terminal) modem. Since this does not have a built-in WiFi component, you will need a separate WiFi router. You could, however, use your existing router/modem for this if it has a WAN port. Then you will not need to buy another router.

Learn to geotag

I use a Lenovo K3 Note smartphone and a laptop by the same company with Windows 7. How do I geotag the photos and see them on the laptop?

P.S. Gupta

Make sure Location is turned on in your phone’s settings and it is on “high accuracy”. Download Google’s Photos app and make that your default gallery. In the app, click on the hamburger menu on the top left and go to Settings. Scroll down to Google Location settings and tap on it. Make sure again that Location is on “high accuracy”.

Now, every time you click a picture the photos should be automatically geotagged. You can then search for a picture in the app using the name of the place it was taken.

To see your pictures on the computer, simply head to `` in the browser and view them there. You currently cannot edit or add a location on your Android phone, but you can do it on your computer. Click on a picture and then press the Info (i) icon. A panel opens up on the right. Click on the three dots next to the map to edit the location if it is wrong. If there is no location information, you can add one.

You can select multiple photos too and add or edit the location by clicking on the three vertical dots on the top right. All the changes you make here will be synced back to your phone.

Phone font

I am not able to change the font on my Moto G5S Plus. Please help.

Sid Lhila

You cannot change the default font, but only its size. For this go to Settings—Accessibility—Font Size. The other option would be to use a different launcher like GOMO’s Next Launcher or C Launcher.

WhatsApp chats

I want to transfer my WhatsApp messages from the iPhone 5 and iPhone 6 that I was using earlier to my new iPhone 8.

Dipak Sharma

You can transfer them only if you were using the same number on your new phone. All WhatsApp chats are backed up to iCloud. You can do this by opening WhatsApp settings and going to Chats—Chat Backup and tapping Back up Now. When you insert the same SIM on the new phone, you should get back all your chats on WhatsApp.

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