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Hide files on iPhone X

Surit Doss' guide to hiding Iphone apps and the best way to store photos, music and videos

Surit Doss Published 07.10.18, 01:53 PM
Iphone X

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Could you please suggest a way to hide some apps and files on my iPhone X?

Nirmal Gupta


iOS is a fairly rigid operating system and you cannot hide individual apps, but you can hide a range of apps with an interesting feature that comes with iOS 12. Go to Settings—Screen Time—Content & Privacy Restrictions—Content Restrictions—Apps. Here you can choose age restrictions for apps between 4+ and 17+. Similarly, on the Content Restrictions page, you can select what you want to see. This is particularly helpful if your growing children have a tendency to fiddle with your phone.

You can hide pictures too. Go to the Photos app and select some pictures. Tap the Share icon on the bottom left and choose Hide.

iPad legacy

The person who gave me an iPad is no more. When I try to update the apps, I am asked for the password, which I am not aware of. What should I do?

Tshering Sherpa

Apple intentionally makes it really difficult to get access to other people’s phones or iPads to prevent thefts. You are lucky that the iPad is not passcode protected. You could try going to `` and resetting the password. You will be asked some questions. Since you will not be able to answer the security questions correctly, the best way to reset the password would be to choose the email option. That is, if you have access to the person’s email account.

If not, call Apple Support and see if they can help you. Go to `` and answer the questions and they will call you back. You might have to furnish a death certificate and proof that you are the legitimate owner of the iPad.

Music to your ears

What is the best way to store my photos, music and videos so that I can watch them on my mobile, laptop or desktop?

Yogesh Dassani

I am assuming that you are using an Android phone. You should save all your pictures and videos in Google’s Photos app and music on Google Drive. This way your mobile content will be available on your computer through the browser. Open `` on your computer view your pictures and videos. Open `` on your PC’s browser and play your music. You should be warned that if you have a lot of photos, videos and music, you would run out of space. If you are averse to Google, you could use the Dropbox app to sync media across all your

devices. Since data is now cheap, consider subscribing to streaming music services such as Apple Music, Gaana or Saavn rather than saving music on your phone.

Restricted view

Certain icons on websites that I visit have an eye with a slash across it. What does it mean?

Saikat Kundu

This means that there are restrictions on viewing the content. This usually happens when licensing limitations can prevent you from watching some videos. You may notice this often on YouTube, where certain programmes such as sports events have location-based viewing restrictions. YouTube has to comply with these because content partners, such as sports federations and network providers, have probably sold the rights to someone else.

On some social media sites, an eye with a slash through it means that the profile is hidden and you cannot see it. In Facebook, the icon means that the page has not yet been published. If you manage a page that has an eye with a slash got to Settings—General— Page Visibility, press Edit, and change it to “Page Published”.

Starting trouble

Every time I start my Lenovo G 570 laptop, there is a continuous beeping sound and a dialog box appears that says “Edit boot options for Windows 7…/noexecute=optin”. After I press Enter, the laptop starts normally. How do I get rid of this irritant?

D.N. Verma

Once Windows starts up, go to Start and in the search box type cmd. When the result shows up right click on it and select “Run as Administrator”. A dialog box will open. Here type bcdedit/set optionsedit No. Press Enter. After this, restart your computer and the problem should go away.

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