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GTS 2e, is light on wrist and pocket!

Amazfit GTS 2e is smart as well as sturdy and offers excellent battery life

Mathures Paul Published 18.01.21, 02:22 AM
Amazfit GTS 2e comes with a powerful battery and offers body temperature reading.

Amazfit GTS 2e comes with a powerful battery and offers body temperature reading. The Telegraph

What a difference can battery make? After a great showcasing at this year’s virtual edition of CES, Amazfit has some new offerings, all of them focus on battery life and pricing, besides a couple of features. We had a chance to experience the GTS 2e, which is light on the wrist and the pocket!

To make it simple for readers, the naming of Amazfit watches are simple. GTR series has watches with round displays while GTS is about a square interface. The ‘e’ in the new watch stands for ‘essential’, which makes clear the strategy behind it.


Sensors are in plenty

If you are looking for a decent watch without a flagship price tag — basically we are leaving out Apple, Samsung, Garmin and some Fitbit devices — Amazfit has it all. We have used Xiaomi and Realme watches but somehow Amazfit (even though Xiaomi and Huami have a working relationship) wins the day with all the stats on its Zepp app. For Amazfit the focus is primarily on fitness. Even though some of its watches come with a few extra functions, the availability of several workout modes have been a cornerstone to the brand’s success. From simple things like running, cycling and swimming to parkour and roller skating (even sailing!), it’s all there.

Besides sensors associated with acceleration, gyroscope, geomagnetic, ambient light and air pressure, the latest addition is temperature. The GTS 2e can measure your skin temperature. To make it work, you need to get a snug fit and wear it at the correct point on the wrist. The temperature reading is roughly okay. I wouldn’t read too much into it and will always depend on a good old thermometer. In the same breath, the idea behind purchasing this particular watch is fitness. There is also a heart rate sensor, which is accurate and a blood oxygen function (SpO2), which points you in the right direction. Don’t read too deeply into what the SpO2 function says; if you’re feeling unwell, visit a doctor.

Like we said, it’s about fitness. You can go on a run and leave the phone behind. Amazfit has improved its GPS function greatly. If you trace the path taken against Google Map, it more or less matches. There is also a sleep tracking feature and a stress monitor. While the sleep tracking feature works accurately, I didn’t quite understand how the stress monitor functions. The watch is light and comfortable enough to be worn to bed.

Goes strong for days

The biggest feature is perhaps the six/seven-day battery life even after heavy use. With all the measurements turned on and workout mode used for one hour each day, the drainage is around 13-14 per cent, which approximately gives you a week – a big improvement over what you get on options from the more expensive brands.

What you don’t get on GTS 2e are things fitness enthusiasts don’t look for. There is no storage because chances are that you carry your mobile phone for streaming music. Also, there is no way to answer calls though you will get notifications. There is a microphone to take offline commands, which is a neat function. For example, simply say “Start free training” to start the particular workout.

The question is whether you should buy it. The watch looks fantastic and feels equally good. If fitness and only fitness is on your mind (alongside a few bells and whistles), this is good. The GTS 2e is smart as well as sturdy.

GTS 2e flies because

⦿ It has enough sensors to keep track of your fitness

⦿ The companion Zepp app has a lot of fitness readings to offer

⦿ Excellent battery life

GTS 2e could have flown higher had it…

⦿ Offered NFC control

⦿ Associated some special functions to the watch’s crown

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