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Byte-sized moments: Here’s how the year in tech unfolded in 2023

Through back to a great technologically upgraded year

Mathures Paul Published 25.12.23, 10:51 AM
1. Apple CEO Tim Cook at the opening of Apple BKC in Mumbai

1. Apple CEO Tim Cook at the opening of Apple BKC in Mumbai Picture: The Telegraph

Generative AI

Though generative AI has been evolving for some years, in 2023 we started talking about it. Agreed, it’s two words but the effect AI has had on us this year has been immense. The dictionary publisher Collins has named “AI” the most notable word of 2023. Refer to our AI-focussed articles for more details.


Get ready for Apple Vision Pro

The defining product of Apple CEO Tim Cook’s reign has 12 cameras, six microphones, and five sensors. It is powered by a new app-based platform called visionOS and there is a screen that has no parallel. The biggest distinguishing feature of Apple Vision Pro is the ability to experience the digital in reality. This is not virtual reality where you leave your surroundings. Here, the digital world comes to the real world through what Apple calls “spatial computing”.

Threads became the fasted downloaded app ever

Threads became the fasted downloaded app ever

Welcome Grok

Elon Musk has been vocal about AI and its implication for years. He even served on the initial board of OpenAI, the company behind ChatGPT. He now has an AI startup called xAI and it is creating its own version of ChatGPT called Grok. The model answers questions conversationally, probably drawing on a knowledge base that was used to train ChatGPT.

Apple stores arrive in India

Apple’s first retail store in India opened in Mumbai. It’s a moment the tech giant has been waiting for years. Located at Jio World Drive Mall, all eyes are on the store. It’s also a sign that nothing can replace the experience of buying a product from a store and having a conversation with the people running the store. The company’s second store is Apple Saket in Delhi.

Seven years of software upgrade

Google has given a twist to the smartphone game with its Pixel 8 phones, which come with Android 14 and both devices will support seven years of “OS, security, and Feature Drop updates”. In other words, you will be able to use them till 2030 before software support begins to falter.

USB-C comes to the iPhone

Apple has transitioned from Lightning port charging point on the iPhone and a few other Apple devices to USB-C because of demands of European regulators. The USB-C port is now available on the iPhone 15 series. The new iPhone handset is the first since 2012 to feature an alternative charging port.

EU takes on Big Tech

Six tech giants — mostly American — have been named by European Union as “gatekeepers” under Digital Markets Act. The list features Alphabet, Amazon, Apple, ByteDance, Meta and Microsoft. The measure is being taken to make the tech companies fall in line with pro-competition rules.

Journal, the app

Journaling can free your mind and may become a regular habit because of a new app that has come to the iPhone. Simply called Journal, the idea is to be reflective whenever you have time. Since the phone is almost always on you, it becomes easy to note down thoughts.

Netflix cracks down on password sharing

Netflix has been cracking down on password sharing globally and the move appears to be working in favour of the company as it has delivered subscriber growth in the second quarter. The company has gained 5.9 million subscribers, after losing nearly one million customers in the year-ago quarter.


Meta — via Instagram — launched its new social media platform, Threads. In around 24 hours since its launch, it crossed 50 million sign-ups, presenting a clear threat to Elon Musk-owned X.

The ‘cage match’ didn’t happen

Twitter owner Elon Musk mustered up the courage to bring up the topic of ‘cage match’ involving Meta founder Mark Zuckerberg after his team launched Threads, a new social media platform.

Beatles uses AI to release ‘last’ recording

A moment from the Beatles video for Now and Then

A moment from the Beatles video for Now and Then

Paul McCartney said artificial intelligence was used to help to finish the ‘last’ Beatles record based on a demo that John Lennon had worked on. Now and Then was composed by Lennon and he recorded a demo in the mid 1970s.

Puffer jacket and AI

A fake image of the Pope in a puffer jacket took the Internet by storm

A fake image of the Pope in a puffer jacket took the Internet by storm

AI-generated images can be used for misinformation. Agreed, it’s tough to believe one’s eyes when Pope Francis is seen wearing a puffer jacket. But what about former US president Donald Trump being arrested? Google is taking steps towards fighting misinformation arising from AI-generated images.

AI is not ‘artificial insemination’

Cliff Richard was requested to sing during a BBC interview and once he was done, he said he had not used “artificial insemination”. The legendary singer earlier said that while he had thought about “slowing down”, he doesn’t want to incorporate AI into his work.

Humane AI Pin

Humane AI Pin is being promoted as a device that comes after the smartphone

Humane AI Pin is being promoted as a device that comes after the smartphone

After months of teasing, a start-up called Humane launched the AI Pin, which is being promoted as a device that comes after the smartphone. As the name suggests, the device is meant to be pinned to the chest, fastened to a shirt or blouse, but it’s unlike the body-worn camera of cops. Helmed by husband-and-wife duo Imran Chaudhri and Bethany Bongiorno, Humane wants a future where there is less dependency on screens.

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