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All that you must know about Wireless Speaker Sushi Grande

Prasun Chaudhuri Published 03.04.23, 05:53 AM
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Name: Wireless Speaker Sushi Grande

Maker: Just Corseca, India


Price: Rs 2,699 (Amazon, Flipkart, Nykaa), Rs 4,299 (

I am an unabashed fan of Bose speakers, especially because of their excellent bass and treble.

Nothing compares to the products created by Amar Gopal Bose, the American sound engineer-turned-entrepreneur who founded Bose Corporations. Theman was also a professor at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology for 45 years. He started out as a telep-hone system manufacturer and then moved on to focus on audio products, includ- ing one of the best home theatre systems.

Having said that, here is something else worth a hearing. I am talking about the Sushi Grande wireless speaker by Just Corseca. The device packs in a punch at the very outset, at mere sight. Its silicone-ABS body sports all the buttons upfront, a smart design that makes operating it user-friendly. Being of a cylindrical shape, it is easy to handle and you can place it just about anywhere — next to your television, ona pile of books or even at your bedside.

At any volume, its two20-watt drivers produce clear treble, perfect midrange and specially enhanced bass. There is a Micro SD slot, an A-type charging port and one USB port. You will receive a pause button, four functional buttons for controlling the music and a main button for turning the speaker on and off.

If you are a party lover, it can give you a thunderous sound and won’t irritate you if you are allergic to booming DJ boxes

If you are a party lover, it can give you a thunderous sound and won’t irritate you if you are allergic to booming DJ boxes

According to Just Corseca, “The in-built advanced digital signal processor and the twin 20W drivers deliver crisp treble, perfect mids, and specially enhanced bass at any volume.” It’s compatible with all smartphones, tablets, computers, laptops, TVs, MP3 players and everything else that is either Bluetooth-enabled or has an audio-out port.

Rest assured that the auditory experience doesn’t come anywhere near that of Bose speakers — which are, of course, six times the price — but it does go a long way, be it work or entertainment. And if you are a party lover, it will give you a thunderous sound and won’t cause irritation you are allergic to booming DJ boxes.

The best thing about Sushi Grande is that can be carried in a backpack. If you have a penchant for FM channels, its built-in FM player will give you company. You can also plug in a USB/SD card with your favourite music for entertainment on the go.

The built-in highly sensitive condenser microphone can help you also use this device as a hands-free audio unit for your voice calls or video chats. If you are heading for a night-long party don’t fret, it’s got ultra-long battery life. The in-built 18650 lithium battery can deliver uninterrupted entertainment for a whopping 10 hours on a single charge.

Considering what it is priced at, it’s more than value for money. So if you can’t afford a Bose speaker, you may receive sound succour in Sushi Grande.

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