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  • Published 16.03.15

Alarming words

Sir - A professor at one of Germany's most prestigious universities has reportedly rejected an application for internship from a male Indian student, citing the "rape problem in India" ("Shut out: males of 'rape-problem' India", March 10). This incident has generated a furore in the social media. The German ambassador to India, Michael Steiner, was quick to denounce the comments made by the professor, Annette Beck-Sickinger, who later regretted her choice of words.

However, it is true that cases of rape are on the rise in India. The law, in its present form, does not act as an effective deterrent. Girls, some as young as three, are getting molested. Female foreign tourists have been assaulted on a number of occasions. The attitude of the youth needs to change. Young males need proper counselling. Girls, on the other hand, need to be trained in martial arts. The option of arming women who work till late in the night can also be considered. The trial of rape cases should be expedited.

Yours faithfully,

Sravana Ramachandran,Chennai

Sir - Annette Beck-Sickinger's reasons for turning down a male Indian student's application for internship at the Leipzig University is highly deplorable. It is alarming that other academicians in Europe may be nurturing the same attitude towards male Indian scholars and students, as suggested by Beck-Sickinger. Her attitude betrays her ignorance and lack of understanding of other societies. Indians from all walks of life should unite to condemn her remarks.

The German ambassador's quick and strong denouncement of Beck-Sickinger's comments is praiseworthy. It shows that the Germans are a fair-mindedpeople.

Yours faithfully,

Ingit Mukherjee, Calcutta


Stay calm

Sir - Although much has been made of Virat Kohli's outburst, one cannot but sympathize with the ace cricketer. Kohli mistook a reporter for another, but the reasons behind his loss of temper are genuine. The media should stay away from the private lives of celebrities. However, Kohli could have controlled his temper, knowing that he is looked upon as an ambassador of Indian sports.

Yours faithfully,

R. Sekar, Visakhapatnam

Sir - The incident in which Virat Kohli abused a journalist is unfortunate. Kohli is an outstanding batsman who has led India to victory on many occasions. He is the vice-captain of the team, and is widely speculated to be the candidate who will take over the reins once Mahendra Singh Dhoni hangs up his boots. It is, therefore, all the more important that he keeps his calm. The media, too, do not let go of any opportunity to milk a controversy. The reporters are not bothered that this may affect Kohli's morale or his performance. Cricket demands peace of mind.

One would request the media not to pursue the issue in the interests of Indian cricket - at least, while the World Cup is being played. Kohli too should refrain from getting into confrontations with the scribes. He can learn the art of dodging reporters from his cool-headed captain, Dhoni.

Yours faithfully,

Benu Kumar Bose, Calcutta