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Grave danger

Readers' Speak: United Nations delaying climate summit 2021; sharing meal with family during Covid-19 lockdown
The United Nations headquarters in New York.

The Telegraph   |     |   Published 01.06.20, 08:46 PM

Sir — The Covid-19 pandemic has led to the United Nations delaying a crucial climate summit till late 2021. Lockdowns across the world have shown that even a short period of human inactivity can substantially heal nature. But as restrictions are eased, one can expect pollution levels to rise once again. Is it then a good idea to postpone the summit? Climate change must be prioritized by policymakers.

Rajni Mehta,



Love lost

Sir — The editorial, “Daily bread” (May 30), is right to point out that having meals together is considered an important mode of familial and social bonding in many cultures. The lockdown has brought all — the rich and the poor alike — in close proximity to their family members, wherein they have been forced to spend all their time together at the expense of personal space.

However, those who can hardly afford two square meals a day do not care for the “sucking”, “cracking”, “scraping” or “burping” of their family members. They are happy to just be able to share a meal with their loved ones. For many people in the country, personal space has always been a luxury.

Prasenjit Baidya,

South 24 Parganas

Sir — Several countries have witnessed a rise in divorce rates. As the office and the home have merged, people working from home often have to deal with unaccommodating behaviour, thus putting further strain on relationships. On the other hand, the lockdown has taught us how to deal with family squabbles.

Aritri Saha,


Spot the difference

Sir — I was deeply pained to read the first paragraph of the review, “The other Darwin”. Palash Baran Pal, the reviewer, may not have liked the content of the book. That is perfectly acceptable. But he mentions that he “did not see the book” at the conference to which he was invited as a speaker. This is patently untrue because the book was released on the occasion and I have photographic evidence of it.

Ajoy Ghatak,

Meghnad Saha Distinguished Professor

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