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Cut pocket money, check abuse: ATTSA

New Year celebrations are often connected to drugs, as youths often use these during celebrations
Few addicts come to a point when they can’t get the money to buy drugs
Few addicts come to a point when they can’t get the money to buy drugs

Manoj Kumar Ojha   |   Doomdooma   |   Published 25.12.19, 11:36 PM

Check the pocket money, spare the child.

The Assam Tea Tribes Students’ Association has advised parents and guardians to ensure they do not give extra pocket money to their wards and to check their routine to prevent them from taking drugs and liquor.


According to the association, youths use drugs during New Year celebrations.

“I advise parents and guardians to ensure they don’t give extra money to their wards and check their routine to prevent them from taking drugs and liquor. The New Year celebrations lie ahead and there are chances of youth falling prey to drugs and liquor,” Irot Tanti, the secretary of the tea tribes association, told The Telegraph here on Wednesday over phone.

“Through newspapers, we often come to know that the suppliers are from the neighbouring states. They basically target youths to get them addicted to drugs. However, it is not possible for a student or a middle-class person to support drug addiction as the prices are prohibitive. If the extra money will not be given to youths, this addiction can be prevented. When the youths have no money, the suppliers then ask the addicts to sell 10 or 12 pouches and get the quota for free. Some desperate addicts become peddlers in order to support their addiction. So, we should also check where the youths are going and keep an eye on them to save their study and future.”

Tanti said a few addicts come to a point when they can’t get the money to buy drugs. They easily fall for the offer to peddle the substance in return for their daily fix.

The local residents, non-government organisations and student groups take out rallies at regular intervals to create awareness against the drugs menace, seeking action against those dealing in drugs.

“I also urge the governments to launch a massive crackdown against drug peddlers or drug networks. The Narcotics Control Bureau and the excise department should work actively against the menace and arrest the drug dealers under the Narcotics Drugs and Psychotropic Act. They should also work against the illicit liquor trade,” Tanti added. “The drugs trade flourishes around this time.”

The police have cracked down against drug mafias.

“We will stage a protest against the rising drug menace. We urge the administration to take steps to free the areas of drug and alcohol as it is destroying the lives of youths. They should apprehend the peddlers and trace their network. This should be their top priority and all the investigating agencies should work together. Besides, demand reduction is also necessary through awareness programmes, counselling, and rehabilitation. The ministries of social justice and ministry of health can do a lot in this regard,” he said.

A reformed addict at a rehabilitation centre, said, “The supply channel is not a problem. The problem is to control demand. Consumption of drugs was earlier confined to the rich but widespread consumerism and a desire to relate to the rich has made drugs a commodity of desire among the middle class too.”

The excise department has intensified operations against illicit liquor trade.

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