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Assam teen gets tech patent - Class X student creates operating system

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BARNALI HANDIQUE   |   Published 18.02.14, 12:00 AM

Senior consultant of Amtron, Anupam Barman, and technical director of NIC, Guwahati, Naina Begum, felicitate Afreed Islam (centre) during the launch of ReVo Book in Guwahati on Monday. Picture by UB Photos

Guwahati, Feb. 17: For 16-year-old Afreed Islam, getting a patent for his invention was like a dream come true. He claimed that the new operating system that he has created would make life much easier for computer users.

The class X student of Little Flower School has invented an operating system called ReVo Book that is installed in a microchip and has the features of Linux, Apple and Microsoft Word software packages.

The product was formally launched in the city today.

His invention was patented at the Calcutta-based Intellectual Property Office and was subsequently published in the Official Patent Journal on December 13 last year.

It was difficulties that Afreed faced while working on existing computing systems that prompted him to create a new improved version of computing system.

“I have myself experienced several problems while working on existing computing systems like Microsoft Word and Linux. This delayed my work. So I decided to create an improved version of computing system that would help people work for longer hours in a faster and uninterrupted manner. With the guidance of my father, I started working on ReVo Book,” said Afreed.

“ReVo Book offers an independent platform where Microsoft Word, Apple and Linux software packages can be operated simultaneously. Besides, the microchip also doubles as a storage device and is four times faster and easy to carry than the traditional hard discs which tend to lose its efficiency in five years. The microchip has a storage capacity of 64GB. This operating system is completely virus free and I can challenge that no one can create a virus for it,” said Afreed, a resident of Hatigaon.

An operating system refers to the program that, after being initially loaded into the computer by a boot program, manages all the other application programs in a computer. Hard disc is a data-storage device that stores and provides quick access to large amounts of data as well as retrieve them on an electromagnetically charged surface or a set of surfaces.

ReVo Book is apt for use in offices, banks, academic institutes and industries that require continuous uninterrupted performance for long duration.

“I am happy that I have received a patent for this product. I had also demonstrated this operating system before Amtron, Assam Science Technology and Environment Council and a few educational institutions. After my HSLC examinations, I want to commercialise this invention,” said Afreed.

Afreed plans to take up a new project on motion programming soon. “I want to break the boundary between the virtual and real worlds,” said the student.

“My son has always had a keen interest in electronics since the sixth standard. Whenever we took him to book fairs, he always picked up books on electronics. We used to get annoyed with his constant use of the computer, but I am glad it is this that enabled him to create ReVo Book,” said his father, Nurul Islam, who works with the state government.

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