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Let these Tolly stars help you dance away the quarantine blues

From Rituparna Sengupta to Monami Ghosh, dance reels are keeping celebs busy

Pooja Mitra | Published 10.01.22, 04:29 PM
Koushani, Rituparna and Devlina have been keeping busy on Instagram Reels

Koushani, Rituparna and Devlina have been keeping busy on Instagram Reels


A shifty winter and another bout of quarantine may have put a dampener on 2022. But there is always a way to keep the spirits up as long as Instagram keeps making Reels. Much like us, Tollywood stars too, have been spending time on reels scouting trendy playlists and sharing their signature dance moves online.

If you’re stuck at home this week, dress up and let your hair down for a mini dance break with the help of these celebrity dance reels:

Rituparna Sengupta


The Utsab star is a trained dancer and you’ll spot no missteps in her dance routines. The actor posted the rehearsal footage for one of her dance recitals and stunned her followers with a few seconds of creative performance. We love the effortless saree draped over a kurta which is not just an easy DIY hack but also totally glamorous!

Sreenanda Shankar

Sreenanda Shankar’s dance heritage serves her terrifically well on social media since the actor often takes to Instagram to post videos or throwback images from her performances. Sreenanda is deft in the Uday Shankar style of dance and has also performed with her mum’s dance troupe, Tanusree Shankar Dance Company.

But the star also shares low-key home videos grooving to her favourite beats and even explores fun, viral dance challenges.

Koushani Mukherjee

Love Bollywood and have the panache for making dance reels? Here’s a reel by Koushani for some ‘dance-spiration’.

Monami Ghosh

Monami often uploads her Bollywood dance covers on YouTube. Her Instagram also has short, lively reels that can help you channel your inner dance diwani just in case you’re planning a dance party this weekend.

Sayantika Banerjee

If you love playing with effects, now is the time to hone those skills to the fullest. Dance video effects can also perk up simple dance routines shot at your home. Take a cue from Sayantika!

Devlina Kumar

Devlina Kumar is not just a dance pro but also has her own dance academy, Lai Haraoba. Needless to say, her Instagram is a treasure trove of inspiration. This quarantine, dress up Chaka Chak even if you have nowhere to go and boogie like Devlina.

Sandipta Sen

Dance can totally be a pick-me-up for a slow day. If you’ve got the right party numbers on your playlist and some chic new clothes, have yourself a fun dance break like Sandipta or take it a notch higher by throwing a virtual dance challenge for your friends.

Stay safe. Stay home. Keep the grooves and moves coming!

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