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These Insta pet reels will make you go ‘aww!’

Cute, goofy and adorable — one can never be bored with animals around as these reels show

Jaismita Alexander | Published 17.09.23, 02:41 PM

Watching videos of our furry friends can be very therapeutic, especially for those who love animals. These videos are perfect entertainment and also help relieve stress. To make the internet a better place, pet parents have opened accounts on social media where they post content of their adorable buddies. From being goofy to smart, these pet reels on Instagram will leave a big smile on your face. Here are top picks from My Kolkata from last week for this edition of Reels of the Week.

The smart African Grey Parrot

Although the account username is @apolloandfrens, the star of the account is Apollo, the smart African Grey Parrot. The regular quizzing between Apollo and his human will leave you wondering how this is just a bird! The smart parrot knows words and identifies things by just tapping them with its beak. In this reel, we see Apollo successfully identifying letters, colours, what's made of what and what’s what! At the end, Apollo wins a pistachio as a snack! Isn’t that cute? Go watch this highly intelligent bird.


Corgi needs princess treatment before bedtime

These cute little fur babies sometimes demand a lot of pampering, just like @lunabear.thecorgi. This little royal potato rolls over before bedtime, so that she can be picked up and carried to bed. A whole day running about, goofing around, chomping on food and playing with hoomans make the little legs of the munchkin tired. For all this hard work, a little pampering is well-deserved, isn't it?

Adorable cowboys

Ready to lend your heart to this pair of cowboys? Sammy and Charlie, the golden retrievers (@sammythegolden247) are fashionistas who can carry any outfit with much grace. Their recent cowboy looks are making us fall in love with them all over again! This time, the goldies are dressed up as handsome cowboys – all ready to go on a date.

Who's watching Tom and Jerry?

It’s so cute and funny how these two fluffy grey cats, with all their attention, watch Tom and Jerry on screen. This video by @catio_boardingnagpur is winning hearts on Instagram. The dedication of the two cats is crazy! We are sure that Tom must be their superhero and they need one Jerry in the house to prove how he inspires them.

Lizards deserve love too

Most of us are terrified by the thought of a lizard, but @lizardthebuddy will change your perception. This iguana is no different than a cat or a dog when it comes to asking for cuddles. He raises his front limbs and reaches out to his human asking to be lifted up and petted. Someone in the comments calls him a dragon puppy and we agree!

Last updated on 17.09.23, 02:45 PM

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