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Christmas shopping

Be the best Secret Santa with these smart and cheery buys

From fashion fans to bibliophiles, everyone will have a Merry Christmas with these gifts

Aatreyee Mohanta | Published 09.12.21, 04:47 PM
(Left) beaded evil eye earrings by Kolkata label Abeo and (right) an Ottoman from India Circus By Krsnaa Mehta

(Left) beaded evil eye earrings by Kolkata label Abeo and (right) an Ottoman from India Circus By Krsnaa Mehta

Playing Secret Santa is a pop culture ritual that has made its way into workspaces and social circles across the globe (blame that one episode of The Office). It may be an American import, but it’s an efficient and fun way to spread holiday cheer.

The format is simple: Each member in a group is randomly assigned another member for whom they must buy a Christmas present. The identity of the gift-giver remains a secret and there’s usually a budget cap, although close-knit circles tend to go a little overboard! So, if you’re gearing up to impress this year, here’s a list of Secret Santa gifts that could help you out:


For bookworms

Handmade bookmarks

Mulling over gifts for your bookworm friend or co-worker? You can’t go wrong with bookmarks. Readers Mark makes customisable hand-painted bookmarks, so you can opt for quirky shapes or other personalised elements. You can also go for a series of stories, visuals or quotes if you’re looking to buy more than six or eight. Readers Mark sells via Instagram, so you can browse through some of their finished pieces before you place an order.


Bookends will always win you brownie points with bibliophiles. They are always useful at home or the workspace, be it for organising and storing books, or even for sectioning bookshelves by category. Not only do Fabindia’s bookends have stylised globes on either side, but they’re also sturdy and make for great brown accents that make sure that the colourful book covers are always the centre of attention.

Shop for them here.

For jewellery lovers

Handmade earrings

Homegrown label Abeo makes kitschy, OTT beaded jewellery and features some chic motifs. This pair of evil eye earrings is seriously fierce and has bright pops of colour in pink, red and orange. You can also go for evil eye studs, French fries earrings and brooch, or other motifs like Frida Kahlo, Minnie Mouse, yellow taxis or cupcakes.

Silver jhumkas

Kolkata-based label Gohona sells one-of-a-kind silver replica jewellery. They sell over Instagram and WhatsApp and their social media page is a good place to browse their line-up. These ornate ‘jhumkas’ are quite extravagant and feature smart pearl accents, but you’ll also spot more versatile and colourful pieces on their page.

For beauty lovers

Eau de toilette

Miniso’s new fragrance range ‘Free of Prejudice’ has top notes of ginger, bergamot and orange, and base notes of leather, cedarwood, patchouli and musk. Simply put, it’s quite the bouquet. It’s musky with hints of sweetness. If you’re heading to a Miniso store this week, you know exactly what to get!

Spa kit

City-based indie label The Honey Bee Essentials has a bath and foot soak kit that offers some major pampering. The natural bath salt is created with a blend of Epsom salt and peppermint, and offers rejuvenation along with aromatherapy benefits. The bath kit also has body oil and a hydrating face mist which can help you have a luxurious spa day at home!

For artists

Resin palette

Kolkata-based label Khwabeeda is known to create one-of-a-kind resin pieces that are absolutely gorgeous. The dried flower resin palette, for instance, is peak cottagecore. The resin jewellery is made with home-pressed flowers to create a floral mosaic that is natural and unique. Khwabeeda also offers customisations.


Chumbak’s quirky stationery has a cult status and this ecoleatherette notebook certainly explains why. The patchwork-covered notebook features Chumbak’s unique doodles and has 152 pages that your art-loving friend can fill up with drawings, sketches or by even journaling.

Shop for them here.

For tech lovers

Apple Watchband

Playing Secret Santa to a tech lover? You can’t go wrong with these clear strap Apple Watch bands that are playful, vibrant and fun. The strap bands come in neon colours like Shrek green, Smurf blue, Casper white, Pink Panther pink and Spongebob yellow that will complement the monochromatic watches. They are pretty tensile and the push-button removal makes them convenient.

Laptop sleeve

For the friend who needs their laptop on-the-go, this gorgeous sleeve from India Circus would be quintessential. Not only do these sleeves look bright and vibrant, but also make sure the laptop is protected.

If you’re fluid with your budget, you can also go for other utility picks that make working from home easier for your friends — like lap trays, portable side tables or chic Ottomans. Drop in at their Forum outlet for a look at their selection.

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