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Eight nostalgic Anupam Roy numbers to soothe those mid-week blues

Some songs have a permanent spot on our playlists, don’t they?

Pooja Mitra | Published 16.03.22, 05:59 PM

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The romance in Anupam Roy's voice is enough to leave our hearts fluttering, just like his heartbreak numbers are enough to console us on our bad days. Sometimes, he makes us want to break into a jig, whereas at other times he takes us on a walk down memory lane.

Be it Je kawta din, Bola tunnel or Ghawrbaari, we can never get enough of Anupam Roy’s songs, which is exactly why we sought him out on a Wednesday, in order to chase away our mid-week blues.

Here are some soulful numbers by the singer that will have you humming along…


For leisure

Ease into the evening with this Coke Studio version of Moner Manush, in Anupam Roy’s soothing voice. A jugalbandi with Satyaki Banerjee, Babul Supriyo takes the rendition to a whole new level, and has us listening on loop.

For the romantics

Looking for new ways to say 'I love you'? Anupam Roy has just what you need.

Ode to the ones we’ve loved and lost

A fairly recent number – Ami onek durer manush brings out that all too familiar anguish and obhimaan that is almost always laced together with heartbreak.

Old, but never forgotten

On days when we stumble across faded roses tucked away in books from long ago and nostalgia pays us a visit with an armful of old memories, some songs offer us much needed solace. Ekbar bol is one such song, working its magic every single time.

In search of home

Anupam Roy singing ‘Kar Baari-ghawr okkhoto, amay tumi niye cholo’ makes our heart skip a beat even as our mind wanders away in search of that perfect home.

For that dopamine boost

Here’s a sunshine number that will definitely make you want to dance around carefree!

An OG Silajit track, Anupam showing off some moves as he storms the stage in the 2021 Bengali film Prem Tame has garnered more than 70 lakh views since its release, and no, we are not surprised.

A note to self

Some songs are like lullabies, and we never quite outgrow them.

For magic on loop

Can the same ballad weave magic, twice? Anupam Roy just answered that for you in Je kawta din.

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