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All about Dyson Pet Grooming Kit

The kit is a hygienic way to groom furballs minus the fuss

Mathures Paul | Published 04.01.23, 10:33 AM
Dyson Pet Grooming Kit is a hassle-free way to take care of pet hair and dander.

Dyson Pet Grooming Kit is a hassle-free way to take care of pet hair and dander.

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Dogs like poodles have coats that don’t shed while hairless dogs typically produce less dander than other types of dogs. But they still can produce enough dander or skin flakes. What the pandemic has taught pet owners is we need to know the basics of pet grooming or get a device that can help. Regular grooming helps build a relationship with the pet, besides reducing dander and it also gives you an opportunity to spot a rash or parasites.

As a child I was a dog person but as a father I had to switch loyalty for the sake of my daughter. Going from ruff to meow hasn’t been easy, especially when it comes to grooming. Making a dog sit around to get a “spa day” appears easier than making Miss Moody comfortable on the sofa.


Recently, Dyson sent its Pet Grooming Kit for review, which I have used with success, only after failing on the first day. It’s not Dyson’s fault; my method needed an update. Here’s how it went.

Grooming the queen

The grooming kit can also be used without the vacuum

The grooming kit can also be used without the vacuum

First, a bit about the Pet Grooming Kit. It is designed to remove the pet’s loose hair, dander and dead skin flakes. The attachment is compatible with Dyson’s cordless range and I used it with the Dyson V12 Detect Slim vacuum.

The grooming brush with 364 bristles that are angled at a 35-degree flex to an upright position as you brush. The best thing about the attachment is that it can be used first without the vacuum on and then attached to the vacuum to suck up the hair.

I am getting ahead of myself. The vacuum makes a whirring sound that many pets may not appreciate. To get the pet used to the grooming kit, offer some treats and cuddles. Next, use the attachment without the vacuum, so the pet feels it’s just a brush. After a few tries, try using the attachment with it attached to the machine and trust me, it feels really good. How do I know? Here’s where I went wrong. The first time I tried it on Tickles, the cat (of course), she kept giving me the bird with her tail and eyes! Anyway, the next day I returned to the scene but this time after reading up. After 15-20 minutes of brushing she gave the approval of a queen floating on a cloud of cat treats.

Before grooming day, wherever she sat — usually the sofa and bed — balls of hair would get left behind. To get the kit working, there is a button on top that you need to press down to ensure the bristles are out like cat claws. Combing/grooming done, release the button and all the hair will get sucked into the machine. If you are using the kit without the machine, attach it after brushing.

What kind of a pet do you have?

After one round of grooming

After one round of grooming

Pet grooming can be messy and each time I now look at the attachment, I feel it’s a genius design because it can remove excess hair and also take care of dander and skin flakes. Overall, the design is uncomplicated and the brush is smartly designed to grab more hair than any other brush (like gloves with bristles) I’ve used.

The question is what kind of a pet do you have? I have a cat that is as suspicious as a reincarnation of Julius Caesar who now constantly meows “Et tu, Brute?” To win her, treats and patience need to be supplied. Then there are the likes of my long, lost friend Poppy, the dog. He loved to go with the flow, like a ’60s child. And then there are pets that are as dramatic as Bianca Castafiore — almost impossible to win over. Pets with noise anxiety may not be comfortable with the product. But if you can manage to calm your pet, then this is the tool to have.

Should you buy it?

The traditional way of grooming a pet involves the usage of a pet brush and then one has to pick the dirty hair and skin cells from the brush. After sometime, the brush may begin to smell a bit. The Dyson Pet Grooming Kit flawlessly removes loose hair and prevented tangles. Once the kit collects enough hair, turn the vacuum cleaner on, released the thumb button, and the hair is sucked into the chamber, leaving your brush clean for a new session. It’s a hygienic way to groom the pet, provided your dog or cat is comfortable with it.

At a glance

Device: Dyson Pet Grooming Kit

Price: Rs 9,900

Used with: Several models from Dyson’s cordless vacuum range

High notes

  • The bristles are soft and there are enough of them to collect hair
  • You can use the grooming kit without the vacuum and then attach it to the machine to suck the hair in
  • Mess free
  • Designed to last many years

Muffled note

  • Your pet needs to be comfortable with the tool

Tricks to get the pet comfortable

  • Move the feeding bowl near the vacuum cleaner so they get used to it.
  • Try vacuuming nearby while they feed.
  • Before grooming, make sure the pet’s coat is dry and free of large knots.
  • The first time you try the tool, use it without the vacuum cleaner.
  • Hold down the button with your thumb to release the bristles.
  • Rewarding for good behaviour helps.
  • When your pet gets comfortable, try attaching it to the vacuum.
  • Release the button to suck the hair and dander into the bin.
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