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Calcutta-based F&B brand Chowman is all set to make its debut on Brands of Tomorrow, Disney+ Hotstar’s new docu-series, set to air tomorrow

With the aim of making fine-dining experience affordable to middle-class Indians, Chowman is in an expansion mode, the latest outlet being in Hyderabad opening next week

Pramita Ghosh | Published 14.08.23, 12:11 PM
Debaditya Chaudhury

Debaditya Chaudhury

Pictures courtesy: Chowman

Calcutta-based F&B brand Chowman, helmed by Debaditya Chaudhury, is on a roll. With the aim of making fine-dining experience affordable to middle-class Indians, Chowman is in an expansion mode, the latest outlet being in Hyderabad opening next week. The latest achievement for the brand is being featured in Disney+Hotstar’s new docu-series Brands of Tomorrow by AIL (Advaita Innovation Lab) that chronicles the journey of new-age Indian brands at the forefront of innovation.
Ahead of the show that airs tomorrow, t2 caught up with the multi-talented Debaditya on representing Calcutta, his experience in the show and more…

Super congrats on being a part of Disney+Hotstar's new show. How does it feel?


To be honest, it still is pretty incredulous to me. The first time I received the call from team Disney+Hotstar explaining the concept of Brands of Tomorrow it was hard to believe that we had been selected to be featured for the docu-series. Gradually the shooting process started and each day went by in a jiffy.

I think to get featured on such an esteemed national platform like Disney+Hotstar comes with a lot of effort and years of hard work as a team. And this is just not a moment of pride for me as an individual, but a celebration of the entire Chowman team, as well as for West Bengal, to have Chowman featured in this prestigious venture as the sole brand from the state.

How did the opportunity come your way?

I had received a mail from the production team and we ignored thinking it was just one of those pitches that we keep getting. Later they contacted me, further explaining the entire concept and procedure. I heard that the director (Preeti Singh) earlier had visited Chowman during her shoot in Delhi and she was a true fan of our food. They wanted to feature us as one of the emerging brands and that’s what made me excited about Brands of Tomorrow. People say opportunities do not always come knocking at your door but here it was, on behalf of the biggest, globally known OTT platform!

How did you prepare for the show?

I literally had the best three days of shoot for Brands of Tomorrow. And the most interesting part was the joy and excitement that I saw in my team who worked tirelessly along my side to get this project done. From conducting pre-production meet, doing reccee, narrating the story; although the days went a little hectic for each of us but it was those momentarily breaks in between shared over food, laughter and tea that made the shooting procedure more productive altogether. Also sharing the screen in my comfort zone alongside my family and my daughter, or my dog Sushi, made it all the way more candid. Each of them contributed to bring out my honest self and capture me as a man beyond his entrepreneurial journey.

What was your experience of working with the production team?

In a word, fantabulous! I have had a lot of on-screen experiences being a musician of Calcutta’s leading Bangla rock band, Lakkhichhara, and I know the amount of effort that goes behind getting a production done. However, it was my first time working with such renowned geniuses, each of them who have been earlier associated with popular programs and the intense passion that they serve made it all the more quick. On one hand my director was pretty strict and the very next moment she was filling the room with laughter. From the DoP to the technicians, I saw immense team effort and the best part was the finesse that the team was aiming to bring in. Not even for a moment did I feel nervous or sceptical, the energy being positive and intense. Altogether, it was a pleasure for me to work with such an amazing team!

Tell us more about the show.

Brands of Tomorrow is a docu-series to be streamed on Disney+Hotstar which identifies six very special brands that are impact-driven. The series doesn’t talk about valuation or funding but real impact in terms of employment, innovation — the real growth tool for a nation’s development. Chowman is a brand which is truly amazing the way it has grown and is still growing. As a first generation-entrepreneur, Chowman was my very first venture, then came Oudh 1590 and Chapter 2. And to see Chowman hit a league as the sole brand from Bengal to get featured on this national event is one big milestone. The bonus is to witness Chowman on the very launch episode of the series, to be streamed on August 15!

A glimpse of Debditya’s shoot for Brands of Tomorrow

A glimpse of Debditya’s shoot for Brands of Tomorrow

Why do you think Chowman is a brand of tomorrow?

As a Bengali, I have always drawn my inspiration from Satyajit Ray, Tagore, Netaji and others. People say Bengalis are not meant for business, and neither were any of the names I mentioned above associated with business. But one thing they possessed that no one else had was that they were envisioning things ahead of time. This is what set them apart.

Chowman, to me, was not a brand but a philosophy. From introducing the concept of democratised fine-dining back in 2010 when fine-dining was not so much accessible for the middle class, or planning a self-owned delivery fleet, or even conceptualising a cloud kitchen, or even the attempt to bring a bend to the food narrative of Indo-Chinese, was all about breaking the norm. Everything that Chowman is today, in terms of branding, its ideology aims at being futuristic and the strive is always to move leagues ahead of the rest.

This is definitely a milestone for the city where a Calcuttan from the F&B industry has been featured on a platform like Disney+Hotstar. Do you feel the pressure of always rising to the occasion and setting the bar?

I don’t take it as a pressure honestly. I take it as a positive push, which is why everything we do is not an outcome of haste but of proper strategy. The people have always showered immense love on us in and beyond Bengal, and it is their love that probably fetched us the recognition of Brands of Tomorrow.

What’s next for Chowman and you?

The goals for Chowman and my personal goals are set differently. If talking of Chowman, the goal is mission 2025! Other than the regular strategy, branding innovation, upcoming food festivals that are lined up this year, one big mission is our mission 2025 where we aim to be present across the megacities by 2025. We are opening in Hyderabad next week with back-to-back launches followed by, Pune, Mumbai, Chandigarh and Chennai!

However, talking of personal goals, I aim to shed a few more kilos! I was once obese, and down the years with stringent diet and regular exercise, I lost 30kg. My next goal is to reduce six-seven kilos extra. Since my weight reduction, my health has improved drastically, making me more energetic, contributing to the work I do. Leading a healthier life put a lot of positivity in me and I wish to attain the best out of it in the coming months!

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