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Ranchi to get traffic app to ease snarls

With CCTV backup, app to give real-time picture

Vijay Deo Jha Ranchi Published 12.01.19, 07:36 PM
A traffic jam on Main Road in Ranchi

A traffic jam on Main Road in Ranchi Telegraph picture

A mobile app to check real-time traffic status will soon be a happy reality for Ranchiites grappling with unexpected snarls.

Ranchi traffic police has started developing this app as a part of their second phase of digitising the traffic system. Technicians at Jharkhand police headquarters’ data centre have been asked to develop the app.


Sounding upbeat, Ranchi traffic SP Ajit Peter Dungdung told this paper on Saturday that technicians were working on the app to suit Ranchi’s requirements.

“With this app, people can decide on a less congested route. As of now, I can only say the app will be user-friendly and easy to operate. Through this app, we will provide a real-time picture of our city’s traffic. As the capital is under CCTV (camera surveillance), we won’t have a problem in providing real-time feed (of traffic movement),” he said.

They were also mulling a tie-up with FM radio stations to update commuters, he said.

Ranchi’s traffic system of the capital switched over from manual to digital mode on January 1. Automatic number plate recognition (ANPR) and red light violation detection cameras at 16 strategic locations were installed. These cameras have been placed at Birsa Chowk, Ram Mandir Chowk (Kanke Road), Sujata Chowk, Jail Chowk, Argora Chowk, Chandni Chowk (Kanke road), Sarjana Chowk, Karamtoli Chowk, Sahjanand Chowk, Hinoo Chowk, Kutchery Chowk, Booty More Chowk, Ratu Road Chowk, AG More Chowk, Siramtoli Chowk and Lalpur Chowk.

This apart, the state police installed as many as 654 CCTV cameras at 170 strategic locations. All these are connected with the central server of district police for 24/7 monitoring.

Birsa Chowk, Sujata Chowk, Jail Chowk, Argora Chowk, Sarjana Chowk, Karamtoli Chowk, Hinoo Chowk, Kutchery Chowk, Booty More Chowk, Ratu Road Chowk, AG More Chowk, Siramtoli Chowk, Lalpur Chowk, Kantatoli Chowk are known for huge traffic volumes with perennial traffic jams.

Prodded that the first few days of the digital traffic system were a nightmare for Ranchi citizens as the timing of traffic signals was not in sync, Dungdung claimed they had fixed the problem.

“We have reprogrammed the timing of traffic signals where required,” he said. “We are also studying the data of traffic flow at various intersections. We have put up loudspeakers at 16 strategic locations to play jingles and announcements related to traffic.”

Have things started changing with these efforts? Traffic SP Dungdung claimed it had. “We have noticed a marked change in people’s traffic sense. Now even during night, people stop their vehicles before the white line when the light (at the signal) turns red,” he said.

Daily commuter from Harmu to Kokar, Sujeet Kumar Jha said at least the traffic police were trying to work out solutions. “The route to my Kokar office from my Harmu home via Harmu Road, Ratu Road Chowk, Kutchery Chowk, Lalpur and HB Road is always crowded. Now, I think we’ll see a visible change. And the app is an excellent idea.”

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