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How PM speaks: Can tell by clothes

Narendra Modi said that his government was correct in passing the Citizenship Amendment Bill
Modi in Dumka.
Modi in Dumka.
Picture by Manob Chowdhary

Vijay Deo Jha And PTI   |   Ranchi   |   Published 15.12.19, 09:54 PM

Prime Minister Narendra Modi on Sunday told an election rally in Dumka that those indulging in violence over the Citizenship Amendment Act could be identified by their clothes.

Unke kapdon se pata chal jata hai,” Modi said at the meeting in the tribal heartland.


The Prime Minister said the actions of the Opposition had proved that his government was “1,000 per cent correct” in passing the Citizenship Amendment Bill.

“The country is watching; people’s faith has been cemented in Modi after the bill was cleared by Parliament. Their (the Opposition’s) actions reflect that the decision to pass the bill is 1,000 per cent correct,” Modi said.

In his 35-minute address, Modi said that in order to oppose him and the BJP, these political parties had crossed all limits to the extent that they opposed the country also.

He said the Parliament had brought about an important humanitarian change in the citizenship law to provide citizenship to religious minorities of Pakistan, Bangladesh and Afghanistan who had to flee to India due to persecution and lead the life of refugees.

Modi said the law was brought about to give them (refugees) a dignified life. “But what are the Congress and its friends doing? They are kicking up a storm. Because they are unable to operate their agenda, they are fuelling violence.”

He added: “I salute the people of Assam and Northeast because they have distanced themselves from the very people fomenting violence. They are raising their concerns in a peaceful manner. This is the beauty of democracy.”

He added that whenever some key decisions were taken in India, such as the Supreme Court judgment on the Ram temple and abrogation of Article 370 from Jammu & Kashmir, Pakistanis in London would protest in front of Indian embassies or resort to violence. “What Pakistan did all these years in London…the Congress is doing the same thing. Can there be a bigger shame than this? Have you ever seen Indian residents protesting in front of the Indian embassy? This is a conspiracy to defame India in the world…”

He added the people of the country had lost hope in the Congress and its associates. The BJP serves the people “like a servant”, he added.

Coming back to local issues, he said that he spent a long part of his life with tribals and was aware of the issues in tribal society. He also accused the JMM and the Congress of cheating tribals. “Those you trusted and respected did nothing for you, they built castles for themselves and their families,” the PM indirectly attacked JMM patriarch Shibu Soren and his family.

Soren senior’s son Hemant is the JMM candidate from Dumka and the Opposition’s chief ministerial candidate.

Accusing the JMM and the Congress of neither having the road map nor the vision to develop Jharkhand, Modi rattled off development indices under five years of BJP rule, including 11 crore toilets in India of which 36 lakh were made in Jharkhand, among others.

Earlier, CM Raghubar Das introduced Modi as gareebo ka masseeha (saviour of the poor).

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