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Dhanbad techies launches new app to monetise skills and assets

‘Buddin - Teaching, Renting & Gig Jobs’ was developed in six months by IIT (ISM) graduates

Praduman Choubey Dhanbad Published 03.01.21, 05:18 PM
IIT (ISM) Dhanbad Techies, Ashish Kumar (in coat) (2018 batch pass out) and Ashish Ranjan (in red jacket) (2019 batch pass out) showing their app pages in Dhanbad on Sunday.

IIT (ISM) Dhanbad Techies, Ashish Kumar (in coat) (2018 batch pass out) and Ashish Ranjan (in red jacket) (2019 batch pass out) showing their app pages in Dhanbad on Sunday. Picture by Gautam Dey

A group of IIT (ISM) graduates, along with other techies, have developed a mobile app that serves as a platform to increase incomes of people through effective utilisation of skills and assets.

Ashish Kumar, an IIT (ISM) B.Tech (Mining Machinery) 2018 batch graduate, developed ‘Buddin - Teaching, Renting & Gig Jobs’ in six months along with Ashish Ranjan, IIT (ISM) Dual Degree (Fiver Year B.Tech+M.Tech) Applied Geology 2019 graduate: Kartikeya Kumar, IIT (ISM) B.Tech (Applied Geology) 2020 graduate; and Kislay Kumar, Haldia Institute of Technology 2018 graduate.


“Our mission is to make everyone financially self-sustaining using either skills or resources and our vision is to build an ecosystem where finding or providing gig jobs are hassle-free,” said Ashish Kumar.

Highlighting the features of the app, Kumar said, “Our platform is totally free for users with firewalls for security. The app works on a real-time basis,”. He added that the user can create an account within two steps and it is easy to post in the app with two clicks.

“The app has different sections, including education, service provider, parking, skill and professionals, car/bike pooling and renting, logistics which acts as provider of service as well as seeker,” further added Ashish Ranjan. Citing an example, Ranjan said that in the education section one can find the appropriate and cost-effective tutor in his vicinity while in service section one can find an electrician or plumber or carpenter or mason. The electrician, plumber, carpenter or mason can vice versa utilise their idle time to earn money.

“If one plans a trip by car to Hyderabad in an emergency and posts the information in the car renting section of the app, another person who has plans to visit Hyderabad can coordinate with him and go along with him by mutually sharing the fuel cost, etc.” said Ranjan.

Regarding the parking section he said that a person visiting Dhanbad for one month and facing difficulty to park his vehicle, he can find the parking lot in his area while the parking owner can use his space temporarily for making money.

“So far more than 1,500 persons have downloaded the app. The app can be downloaded through this link,” said Ranjan and added that one can use his extra time to utilise his skill through this app even if he is engaged in a job which will help him to add on his income.

“We have organised a one-hour promotion of our app on Sunday through which those NGOs engaged in free of cost teaching can connect with the underprivileged children deprived of education,” said Kartikeya Kumar and added they developed the app in six months although the idea came into their discussion about a year ago.

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