Uphaar threat charge

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  • Published 24.11.07

New Delhi, Nov. 24: Family members of those found guilty in the Uphaar case have allegedly threatened Neelam Krishnamurthy, who lost two teenage children in the fire and has been in the forefront of the legal battle against the cinema owners.

“Neelam was told by relatives of those held guilty that they would teach her a lesson,” said Shekhar Krishnamurthy, her husband. “They said that we had done our job. Now it was their turn.”

The court has taken cognisance of the complaint. “We were asked to fill out a complaint form. This has been sent to Kalkaji police station, where we live. But so far we have not heard anything from the police.”

The Krishnamurthys have spent 10 years in court fighting for justice for the 59 people who lost their lives while watching Border. The owners of the cinema hall, big players in the real estate business, the Ansals, were given a two-year jail sentence yesterday but freed on bail.

“This is not the first time that we have been at the receiving end of threats,” said Krishnamurthy.

“We have got phone calls before, too. It is ironic that yesterday, when the sentence was pronounced, the accused had more police guarding them than the victims.”