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Tihar report rebuts ‘bid to kill Delhi chief minister Arvind Kejriwal’

AAP claimed Kejriwal’s sugar level had reached 300 last week

Our Special Correspondent New Delhi Published 21.04.24, 04:56 AM
Arvind Kejriwal

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The ongoing duel between the AAP and the Centre over Arvind Kejriwal’s health took a bitter turn over a report from the senior medical officer of Tihar jail which stated that the jailed Delhi chief minister has not been prescribed insulin and therefore there was no question of denying him one.

The debate started on Thursday with the Enforcement Directorate (ED) telling the court that despite being a diabetic Kejriwal “was deliberately eating mangoes, sweets and taking sugar with tea to raise his blood sugar level” to “create grounds for medical bail”.


His party accused the Narendra Modi government of “attempting to take his life” by denying him insulin for 28 days. Delhi LG V.K. Saxena on Saturday asked for a report from the prison which said that Kejriwal had stopped taking insulin a few years ago “on the advice of a Telangana doctor”.

The report said: “As per MLC report available from RML Hospital, he was neither advised any insulin nor any requirement of any insulin was indicated. It is reiterated that on 10.04.2024 and 15.04.2024 he was reviewed by medicine specialist and advised oral anti-diabetic drugs/medicines.”

AAP claimed Kejriwal’s sugar level had reached 300 last week.

The party said in a statement, “So far, we merely suspected that the BJP, LG and Tihar jail authorities are hand in glove in a conspiracy to put CM Arvind Kejriwal’s life in danger by denying him insulin. But after today’s (Saturday’s) statement, it has become clear that the BJP and the LG have orchestrated a grand conspiracy to kill CM Arvind Kejriwal in custody since they are unable to find any evidence against him in the alleged Delhi liquor scam.”

It added: “From 1st February 2024 onwards, under a careful medical supervision, CM
Arvind Kejriwal started on ‘insulin reversal programme’ and the administration of insulin was discontinued
and replaced by oral medication. However, the same required careful and close medical supervision.”

“CM Kejriwal was following the program till the date of his arrest, i.e., 21.03.2024, after which he was incapacitated and was unable to follow the insulin reversal programme. Hence, CM Kejriwal, who is a severe Type-II insulin dependent diabetic, has to be restored to administration of insulin to manage his sugar levels,” it said.

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