Slang stalls bandit film

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  • Published 21.02.05

Lucknow, Feb. 21: The censor board has refused to clear Wounded, a film on banditry in the ravines, raising objections to the use of slang.

A former bandit, Seema Parihar, 38, plays herself in the film based on her life. The film?s release, scheduled this month, has been put off because of the censor board?s objections.

The board is learnt to have raised objections to 40 slang words mouthed by different characters, especially Parihar, and four sequences for obscene portrayal.

The board has asked the director and producer of the film, Krishnanand Mishra, to file a fresh application for clearance after deleting the words and the obscene sequences.

The sequences on which the director has been asked to effect ?cuts? relate to a young Parihar?s exploitation by dacoit leaders like Fakkad Baba.

The board found these scenes ?highly indecent and vulgar specially because of the use of slang?.

Mishra said over phone from Mumbai that he would appeal to a tribunal against the order. If the tribunal turns down his appeal, he would move court against the ?unjust order for (the) cuts?.

?I expected the censor board members to understand that slang in day-to-day life in the ravines is part of the local milieu. If I cut them (the words), it will be (a) completely unrealistic portrayal on my part,? Mishra said. ?Do the dacoits pronounce ?Ram Ram? when they are angry?? he asked.