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SIDDHAGURU – Understanding an accomplished enlightened Guru

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Who is a Siddhaguru?

The word “Siddhaguru” that is prefixed before the name of a spiritual teacher signifies his uninterrupted connection with the Self. A spiritual master who attained completeness is a Siddhaguru. His mind is entirely accommodated to the words of the “Thy” and “Thyself”, are destroyed in him.

How old is this lineage?

Siddhaguru follows the concept of “Lord is one”. They do not stand by one religion word. Defacto, their actions remain devoid of religion. The primary guru of this lineage is Lord Shiva-The Brahman, and the lineage continues to this day with numerous incarnations of Paramagurus and Immediate Gurus.

Why do I need a guru on the path of attaining self?

A journey of attaining true self cannot be complete without Guru’s helping hand. Without it, it's like putting your efforts in traveling in a fuel-free vehicle

How can I identify a Siddhaguru (or a genuine guru)?

It is simple. Like a Jasmine spreads its fragrance to those who come to its arena. A Siddhaguru with his aura draw attention of many people towards him. Your mind becomes still in his proximity. He always speaks about enlightenment experience. He celebrates the day of his Self-realization.

What do a Siddhaguru do to his Disciple?

A Siddha guru can make his disciple like him. He transmits spiritual energy in his disciple through Shaktipat and awakens Kundalini (Cosmic Energy) in him. His Crown Chakra stays open because of which energy flows continuously in his body

What does a Siddhaguru expect from his disciples?

Guru Bhakti, being considered as “The Yoga of love”, is a practice of submitting yourself to a Siddhaguru and being loyal to him for attaining the state of completeness. It is not taught or learned indeed. Guru Bhakti gives patience in a disciple and enhances fidelity towards a guru.



How does a Siddhaguru direct his disciples?

A Siddhaguru guide as per the seeker’s mindset. His aura always works to take away the deep karmic impressions of the seeker and contributes to the spiritual elevation of the seeker according to his/her receptivity and admissibility.

What qualities a disciple should possess to get qualified for attaining Self-realization?

Passion to attain God or Guru. It is the only quality which makes you qualified for attaining enlightenment. Your passion should be like a man drowned in the water trying to get out of that wood, like an infant crying for her mother’s affection.

How strong is the Guru-Disciple relation?

This is dependent upon the disciple's unconditional love and loyalty to his Guru. The more love, the more graciousness.

What is Shaktipat? Why a Siddhaguru Perform Shaktipat?

Shaktipat is a transfer of spiritual energy by a Siddhaguru to his/ her disciple for dissolving the accumulated impressions from many incarnations and take him/her into higher realms of consciousness. It brings about a dimensional change by burning the useless scrap metal in its astral body and makes it ready to reach completeness. 

Guru or the Lord. Whom to Choose?

Both are important in one’s life. A guru makes you experience God, who in turn makes it an unbroken experience.

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