Shourie taunts and dares Humpty Dumpty party

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  • Published 25.08.09

New Delhi, Aug. 24: Off with their heads, Arun Shourie nearly said like the Queen of Hearts in Alice in Wonderland, as he taunted the BJP brass today with words borrowed from Lewis Carroll, Mao Zedong and Bollywood.

He dubbed Rajnath Singh “Alice in Blunderland”, unnamed others as “Humpty Dumpty”, and the BJP a kati patang (runaway kite) — an expression made famous by a Rajesh Khanna film.

Calling for a wholesale sacking of the top leadership and an RSS take-over, the Rajya Sabha MP dared the party to throw him out — which it indicated it would.

Within hours of Shourie’s remarks being aired on NDTV, party sources claimed he would be expelled tomorrow. “He is abusing the entire leadership on camera. How can he survive? If he doesn’t go, the party will have to disband itself,” one leader said.

Expulsion, Shourie said, would only amount to “killing the messenger”. The former Union minister said the RSS must replace the party brass with leaders from the state.

“Rajnath Singh is like Alice in Blunderland. And the BJP is like a kati patang. Unless it is got hold of swiftly by... I don’t see people within the party who now have such authority... If anybody can do it, it is only the RSS,” he said.

“Like once Mao Zedong said, bombard the headquarters. Clean up everybody from the top. Bring 10-15 people from the states who are competent, honest and dedicated and reconstruct immediately.”

Party officials have been speculating on action against Shourie ever since his four-part critique of the leadership — which described the supreme leader as a tool in the hands of a coterie — appeared in the media.

All realised the targets were primarily L.K. Advani and Arun Jaitley but the critique was done in the guise of a general analysis of the Indian party system. Shourie has now dropped the veneer, probably sensing his targets are at their most vulnerable now.

Shourie said he had been forced to go to the media since questions raised at appropriate forums were not answered. He said he had written a confidential letter to party leaders which, too, had been taken as an act of indiscipline.

“So, you want to be Humpty Dumpty (a character in Carroll’s Through the Looking Glass who says a word means just what he chooses it to mean) and make words mean what you say and act, then I presume you already have in your mind to act against me or anybody; so act.”

He alleged that some people in the party had been planting stories in the media against everyone, including Advani and Rajnath, for the last five years and asked if that was not indiscipline.

Party sources said Shourie’s language made it clear he saw no future in the BJP and had chosen to speak up since his Rajya Sabha tenure was coming to an end. He is to start another series of articles on BJP affairs in a newspaper from tomorrow.

Asked about his praise of the RSS, a BJP leader said: “He is playing a double game. He is trying to accentuate the rifts within the party.”

Spokesperson Rajiv Pratap Rudy said: “Shourie wants to become a martyr. We will give Shourie a chance to become popular.”