Sangh mouthpiece trashes BJP

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  • Published 9.10.02

New Delhi, Oct. 9: Sangh mouthpiece Panchajanya has joined the chorus of criticism against the Centre, days after RSS chief K.S. Sudarshan attacked the “anti-swadeshi” lobby and the VHP held the Prime Minister and his deputy accountable for failure to tackle militancy.

An editorial in its latest issue (October 13) blasts the Centre on various counts: for taking refuge under Pakistan-bashing after a major militant strike, encouraging the “ji-hazoor” culture of sycophancy, intolerance of criticism, ignoring the “popular pulse” and acting as America’s stooge.

The editorial, Hum Intazar Karenge, Magar... (We Shall Wait, But...), said: “Those who sulk at criticisms or are prone to giving fanciful interpretations to negative remarks (about the government), it is futile to say anything about them. Because such people have got the Prime Minister’s clear message that there should be no criticism. Those who believe in indulging yes men, fret and fume at criticisms, and want people to say ‘haan ji, haan ji’ all the time doubtless have a place in history. They belong to the rubbish heap.”

The editor’s punchline follows: “The common man has problems aplenty and those who are in power must listen to him. But if they cannot, they simply say, ‘Brother, we are incapable of hearing you out’.”

The editorial goes on to say that the Centre is getting away lightly primarily because of the Opposition’s “ineptness”.

“Picture this, if today’s ruling party (the BJP) was sitting in the Opposition and there was another party in power. What would these pompous speakers, given to issuing fanciful statements, do? They would organise bandhs, sit in dharna and chant how incompetent the government of the day is. By the grace of Ram, Sonia Gandhi is the Opposition leader. She can neither say nor do a thing. Otherwise, this government would have been in the dock by now.”

The RSS has distanced itself from the editorial’s views. “The RSS does not subscribe to these views,” spokesman Ram Madhav said. “These are the views of either the Panchajanya editor or its management. No doubt the journal is run by swayamsevaks who are supposed to express the RSS’ viewpoint, but it is not necessary that all the time the RSS shares their views.”