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By Television has become the happy hunting grounds for onscreen pairs to tie the knot offscreen, too. By Sneha Hazarika Like, who's saying anything to the contrary! in Tonk
  • Published 24.02.06

Hiten (Tejwani) and Gauri (Pradhan) look so cool together, na! After all, they are a real-life couple, yaar, they have to have that special chemistry between them!” says a beaming Nivedita, a 16-year-old first year junior college student. Another friend of hers adds that she prayed for both of them to actually get married when they were acting together in Sony’s Kutumb.

So, is it the viewer’s expectation or something else that brings the onscreen lovers together and married eventually? “This new phenomenon of screen-lovers actually getting married to each other can be attributed to long hours spent together on the sets, finding comfort in each other’s company and understanding the professional demands better,” comments Dr Sachchidanand who has been counselling couples from different walks of life, including Tellywood.

As television today reaches giddy heights of popularity, more and more TV artistes are finding love on the sets and getting paired up probably even more than their film counterparts ever. Varun Badola-Rajeshwari Sachdev, Poonam Narula-Manish Goyal, Hiten Tejwani-Gauri Pradhan, Mihir Mishra-Manini De and so many other ‘happily married’ TV couples first met their respective soul mates while shooting for a tele-drama together. And they didn’t even realise when that drama slowly creeped into their real life and they fell in real love.

“Manav (Gohil) and I met on the sets of Kahaani Ghar Ghar Kii. We were friends for a long time until we realised we were in love,” reveals Shweta Kwatra. Similar are the views of Yash Tonk: “I met Gauri (Yadav) on the sets of Kaahin Kissii Roz. After a month of knowing each other, I realised that something special was brewing between us. So I proposed to her, and she said ‘yes’.” And if we go by the success ratio of such ‘relationships’, it’s far higher than its film counterparts.

While high-profile filmy couples like Salman Khan-Aishwarya Rai, Abhishek Bachchan-Karisma Kapoor (now Kapur) and Saif Ali Khan-Amrita Singh (among hordes of others) have failed to sail through the stormy seas, TV couples have actually proved that ‘a couple which works together, stays together’.

Agreeing to the fact, actor Parmeet Sethi comments, “Being together with Archana (Puran Singh) has helped me a lot. We have that understanding between us. We have seen the pitfalls of success and failure together. An actor’s life is very insecure. There is a lot of demand on each other. And only an actor can understand what the other is going through. We can discuss our work together and let out our frustrations which could range from troubling coactors to professional inconvenience and everything else.” Parmeet grins: “Even if I got a second chance I would like to get married to Archana only.”

Kirti Gaekwad ? of Kammal and Sinndoor Tere Naam Ka fame ? who got married to actor Sharad Kelkar recently, analyses, “It’s very normal for TV actors to fall in love with each other. Because most time is spent on the sets and there is not much of a personal life or a family life. You hardly get to meet anyone else. So you tend to get drawn to someone from your second family, that’s someone from the sets.” Kirti and Sharad surprisingly did not fall in love when they first worked together. “We did a show called Aakrosh for DD and there was absolutely nothing between us,” says Kirti.

“Then we met for CID Special Bureau, which I eventually did not do. Then suddenly one day he asked me out for a date and proposed to me after a few days. Though he did tell me later he liked me when he saw me first itself. So guess something was brewing then, too. Sinndoor Tere Naam Ka was the first show we did together after getting involved,” Kirti adds.

Actor-director Sachin and wife Supriya have been together for almost 20 years now. And the fire between the two is not at all lost, as seen in Nach Baliye sometime ago where they were crowned the ‘Nach Baliye Couple’. Before that they worked in the very successful sitcom, Tu Tu Main Main, which was also very popular. Also notable here is the fact that the dance-show, Nach Baliye, which had favourite TV couples entertaining the entire country with their moves, was one of the biggest TV hits on television last year. Guess viewers also like to see them sizzle on the screen and enjoy their real-life chemistry.

It’s not that only when two people share the screen as ‘lovers’ that they realise their compatibility. As in the case of Kiran Karmarkar and Rinku Dhawan, of Kahaani Ghar Ghar Kii fame, where Kiran played brother Om Agarwal while she played his sister Chhaya when they found out that they were actually made to spend life with each other. Similar was the situation in the Yash Tonk-Gauri Yadav relationship. Gauri was playing his sister-in-law in the show and as confessed by Gauri, “Yash surprised me by proposing to me one fine day.’’

So, the conclusion is that it’s the time spent together irrespective of the kind of character they are playing, which make two people realise that they would be better off being together forever. And, then, having the life partner from the same field of profession helps. “Having a spouse from the same field is great because there is a lot of sync between the two. So even though it is the glamour world there is a lot of trust and faith,” says Manav Gohil.

Actress Smita Bansal, who got married to director Ankush Mohla four years back, agrees to this, “For me it would have been difficult to get settled down with someone from some other profession. There are a lot of things involved like long hours, late nights and stress which only someone from this profession can understand.” There is another actress, currently made famous by Tumhari Disha on Zee TV ? Chhavi Mittal, who is married to director Mohit Hussein and she, too, feels the same. “I do not know about other professions, but in this profession it’s always better to have someone connected to this world. There are erratic schedules, things getting delayed, round-the-clock work, something very different from other professions, that’s why it’s always better to have someone from the same field.”

Another couple who has been together for a long time now is Rajiv Paul and Delnaaz. “We met on the sets of Parivartan, which was in 1993.” But time seems to have only made the bond stronger. Sarabhai V/s Sarabhai’s Roshesh, Rajesh Kumar might have been looking for a girl in the serial, but when it comes to marriage, he also prefers someone from the same profession. He is married to actress Madhavi in real-life who he says “completes him”. Sai Deodhar-Shakti Anand met on the sets of Saara Aakash where love, and later, marriage happened. And there is also Rohit Roy and Manasi Joshi Roy and Apoorva Agnihotri and Shilpa Saklani. And the list just goes on and on and on.

But the best example of ‘quickest realisation’ about the life partner is that of Mihir Mishra and Manini De. They met on the sets of a serial and got married within days of knowing each other last year. One year down the line Mihir is playing loving hubby and caring father to Manini’s daughter, Dianoor, from her earlier marriage.

So, whoever says that TV is all about teaching people plotting, planning and creating rifts between husband and wife, saas and bahu, couldn’t be more wrong. ? (Sampurn)

Just good friends

(From top) Aamna-Rajeev and Karan-Mona

“We are just good friends,” says many a jodi (would-be, though) in Tellywood. The whole world is talking about the Rajeev Khandelwal and Aamna Sharif romance except for the two. In spite of the fact that Rajeev left the show, which brought them together — Kahiin To Hoga — the pair continues to remain close. Whether the two will actually end up together is another story altogether as at the moment they are in vehement denial mode of an affair.

The same goes For the- on-and-off pairing of Mona Singh and Karan Oberoi, costars in Jassi Jaissi Koi Nahin. At times they talk about their affection for each other and at other times they choose to ignore each other in parties. Guess it’s up to their mood swings.

Then there is the other genre of couples who have no hang-ups about their PDA (Public Display of Affection). Like the energetic young couple, Amit Sadh and Neeru Bajwa (who met on the sets of Guns and Roses on Star One), have postponed their marriage but are supporting each other to start on a film career. He has already started calling Neeru ‘his wife’. And why not? The bond between them appears to be strong enough, after all.

Another couple rock-ing the city is actor Manoj Bohra (bratty Prem of Kasautii Zindagii Kay) and Channel V VJ Teejay Sidhu who was raised in Canada. But these, too, did not meet at any party as would be the usual guess. “We first met in the church and hit it off by and by,” says Manoj. The couple who has also got approval from their parents are now doing a play together, Playing Crazy About Love, and an upcoming game show, Jodi Kamaal Ki. “This is an industry where people work late and there is a lot of insecurity, too. Which is why it is very good if

A couple is from the same profession.” Kamaal ki baat!

AND there is actor Manoj Biddvai and senior actor Rajendra Gupta’s daughter Raavi Gupta who also add colour to a lot of Page 3 dos. The other dynamic duo who socialise a lot are Hiten Paintal — actor Paintal’s son — and actress Kishwar Merchant, the Avantika chachi of KkavyAnjali.

A very interesting older older woman-younger man pair is that of Tanaaz Currim and Bhaktiyar Iraani. Tanaaz was married to Farid Currim in the past and also has a teenage daughter. After her divorce she was seeing a pilot, but seems she was meant to fly into the arms of another TV actor. She met Bhaktiyar — who also happens to be actress Delnaaz Paul’s brother — on the sets of Celebrity Fame Gurukul and the two have been inseparable ever since