No 'Piggy' rides

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By Priyanka Chopra believes only in work, work, and work. That works for her obviously LIPIKA VARMA
  • Published 1.09.06

Q: During the music release of Aap Ki Khatir you were all praise for Dharmesh Darshan, even more than Suneel Darshan with whom you had your first break, Andaaz and then Barsaat. How different are both as directors and whom do you find better?

Well, Suneel is a master in his own way and Dharmesh is quite different from him. Working with Dharmesh was great fun. Dharmesh’s film is light and comical. Nevertheless, my first film Andaaz with Suneel helped me learn a lot as a beginner and working with him was my privilege. Being Miss World I got this film as my launch pad, so without any second thoughts I had opted for it.

Q: From Aitraaz to Don and many more, is Priyanka a workaholic?

It has been four years since I entered the Bollywood domain. I have always worshipped work. I have no time for anything else other than work. Now is the time for me to work, work and work.

Q: Being a brand ambassador of Pepsi would you ask the people to stop drinking it, with the latest pesticide problems?

Well, since my childhood I have seen the Pepsi bottle lying on my dining table and I have relished it. When I am still healthy and nothing has happened to me I don’t know what to say, but I will definitely continue drinking it. Let our government look into the facts and deal with it. But let me tell you, I won’t name the products, but there are other food products which are harmful to the health of our people. The health ministry should take proper care on this matter. We as celebrities do it as our work.

Q: While shooting in Shropshire for Aap Ki Khatir during winter did you not freeze?

Yeah, it was fun shooting there and Dharmesh had meticulously arranged for bonfires around the shooting place. We used to give one shot and cluster around the fire to heat ourselves. This happened in the beginning, but as we got used to it we were even comfortable shooting at zero-degree temperature. We shot for 12 hours a day and I loved shooting in the cold.

Q: You had a cat fight with Kareena while working for Farhan Akhtar’s Don?

Oh no, I don’t know why you people feel that if two stars work together they always fight. In fact, the competition becomes tougher and this competition brings out the best in us. The competition is always healthy. And as far as fights with Kareena are concerned you’ll be surprised that we were very good pals and during our leisure hours, bang opposite our hotel there was a big mall, and we would hop in there and shop to our heart’s content. I like Kareena and we had no hiccups at all.

Q: Given a chance in a sequel to Krrish, would you agree to play a mother?

Well, Superman never had children, but if in the sequel he has children I don’t mind playing a mother.