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Goa plans HIV test for marriage Job site in spot for ‘Hari’ ad Sex ratio Plane abuse Gandhi in UK

By The Telegraph Online in Panaji
  • Published 18.03.06

Goa plans HIV test for marriage

Panaji (PTI): The Goa government has decided to make HIV tests mandatory for marriage registrations.

“We have decided to amend the Goa Public Health Act, making HIV tests mandatory before registration of marriage,” health minister Dayanand Narvekar said after a cabinet meeting.

If the amendment comes through, Goa will be the first state to make HIV tests mandatory before marriage.

The minister said an extensive debate on this amendment would be held in and outside the state for over two months. “There should be a national debate in which issues like morality and personal privacy are discussed before giving final shape to the amendment.”

The amendment will be put before the Assembly in the coming session in July.

Job site in spot for ‘Hari’ ad

Chandigarh (PTI): An 11-year-old boy has sent a legal notice to job website claiming damages of Rs 1 crore for using his name, Hari, allegedly in a derogatory manner.

In his notice, Hari Bhanot has alleged that an advertisement of the site had resulted in mental harassment and agony as many of his friends have ridiculed him after watching it on television.

The advertisement shows a person giving the full form of Hari over phone as “H for Hitler, A for arrogant, R for rascal and I for idiot,” it said.

The notice asks for immediate withdrawal of the advertisement and a public apology from the website and Rs 1 crore in damages, failing which criminal and civil proceedings would be initiated against the website.

Sex ratio

New Delhi (PTI): The National Commission for Minorities will hold talks with top Sikh clerics to address the alarming decline in the community’s female population, its Sikh member said on Friday.

Census figures show that the ratio of Sikh women to every 1,000 men is 893 against the national average of 933.

Plane abuse

Calcutta (PTI): Ajay Gupta, 46, was arrested on Friday at the NSC Bose airport for allegedly misbehaving with an airhostess and crew members on a flight. The Air Deccan plane had arrived from Patna.

Gandhi in UK

London (PTI): A production based on Mahatma Gandhi’s life in South Africa, written entirely in Sanskrit, will be presented for the first time on British stage. Satyagraha was composed by Philip Glass in the 1980s but has never been staged in Britain.


Youth for peace orientation camps will be held at five places in Tamil Nadu, the local chapter of the Gandhi Peace Foundation said. The first of the five-day camps will be held from March 27.