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More than 50 per cent MCD teachers relocated and assigned to new schools

The Education department of the Municipal Corporation of Delhi started inviting applications in September regarding the transfer through the online system

PTI New Delhi Published 25.05.23, 04:24 PM
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More than 50 per cent of MCD teachers who sought transfer through a new online system have been relocated and assigned their new schools, an official said on Thursday.

The Education department of the Municipal Corporation of Delhi (MCD) started inviting applications in September regarding the transfer through the online system.


The department received around 3,000 applications and has been able to translocate 1,649 teachers, including 99 principals, of MCD schools, the official informed.

"All principals/ teachers (primary)/ Teacher (Nur) concerned are hereby directed to report to zonal DDE for their formal relieving and joining on June 5," said the order issued by the MCD Education department.

This was part of a pilot project and is expected to be adopted across departments.

"We started a pilot project in the Education system and received 3,000 applications for transfers. After processing the application received from 3,000 teachers and principals, we were able to transfer 1,649 teachers including principals," the official said.

"To ensure fairness and prioritise the welfare of employees, stringent criteria have been outlined in the transfer process, which the committee utilizes to assess and evaluate each application," the official added.

To oversee the smooth and transparent operation of the streamlined online transfer system, a dedicated interdepartmental committee was formed, comprising the Director (Personnel), Assistant Director (Education), Administrative Officer (IT Cell), and Administrative Officer (Engineering Cell).

This committee is responsible for carefully screening transfer applications received through the online medium.

"In case teachers and principals were unable to apply, the online portal will be reopened for them," the official said.

During the transfer process, the official noted that employees with disablities have been given the first preference, followed by those with medical issues.

The third priority is given to employees whose spouse or dependents have disabilities, said the official, adding that employees undergoing address changes due to marriage are given the fourth preference in the transfer process.

The online transfer system is underpinned by a meticulously designed algorithm that addresses potential imbalances within schools and ensures their seamless functioning, the official said.

The system also takes into account both vacant positions and employee preferences while minimising disruption to the education system during teacher transitions.

The MCD is planning to extend this online transfer system to other departments of the civic body.

This will potentially benefit tens of thousands of employees who serve within the Municipal Corporation.

On May 22, Delhi Mayor Shelly Oberoi announced that the online system has been developed and implemented to address the changing needs of the MCD's workforce.

As a pilot project, the online transfer process has been initiated in the education department, and we plan to gradually extend it to other departments, ensuring a smooth and efficient transition," she has said.

Oberoi stressed, "Our algorithm has been developed and implemented with utmost care to prevent any surplus or shortage of teachers in any school. The aim is to ensure a transparent and efficient education system within the MCD."

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