Many claims in letter - Sudipta Sen’s missive to CBI

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By The Telegraph Online
  • Published 25.04.13

The following are excerpts from a letter attributed to Sudipta Sen, the Saradha Group chief who was arrested on Tuesday, and sent to the CBI on April 6, four days before he was reported missing. The veracity of the account could not be established. The Telegraph is reproducing only those portions that mention public figures and has tried to add at the end the versions of as many persons as possible. The excerpts are being reproduced verbatim.

Bengal leader of the Opposition Surjya Kanta Mishra alleged that the letter was the handiwork of the top Trinamul leadership to save the “big fish” and make two MPs the sacrificial lambs. But Trinamul secretary-general Partha Chatterjee described the allegation as “baseless”. “They are scared that the issue is going out of their hands and saying all these things,” Chatterjee said.

I, (Mr) Sudipta Sen, son of Late Nripendra Narayan Sen aged about 53 years… do hereby solemnly declare, affirm, state and say as mentioned below and this may be treated as my last wish before my death which may occur any day by way of suicide or otherwise….

I shall be committing suicide any moment not because I am physically or mentally sick or weak, but because I am feeling helpless because of unscrupulous persons and cheats in the society because of whom the entire public money which has been collected in my name or by using my name has come to such a risk that I may not be able to refund them…

Dummy directors

Even all the shareholders and directors appearing in the articles and memorandum of my companies are dummy and neither they have any capacity to invest nor they wanted to became the director of the Company (except those whose name is specifically mentioned later). Only because of their relationship with me, they put their signatures in the consent letter. They are in no way related with my business, neither I allowed anyone to participate in my day to day management. Even my cook Hemanta Pradhan have also included in the name of the Directors, though he does not know the meaning of the Director even.

Media entry

Media under the name and style “PRATIDIN” in Bengal started to attacks and Mr KUNAL GHOSH lead the attack dangerously. He attended the meeting with then finance minister Mr Ashim Dasgupta and started campaigning against Saradha as I found that very helpless to combat the media attack. I thought I must enter in the media business.

CEO Ghosh

Within a very short time Channel (Channel 10) started and it got in the air. And finally Pratidin again came represented by Mr KUNAL GHOSH and Mr SRINJAY BOSE made agreements with Pratidin that I shall pay Rs 60 Lacs per month to Pratidin and apart from that KUNAL GHOSH has been appointed as the CEO of the Channel at the salary of Rs 15 lacs per month and also they brought the actor Mithun Chakraborty as the brand ambassador of the channel at Rs 20 Lacs per month, but Mithun Chakraborty did not participate in any function of the channel except one talk show organised by Channel-10.

Pratidin has also given me assurance that execution of this agreement they will protect my business from the government i.e. State Government and also Central Government and I will be able to get a smooth passage and they assured me that they have very close connection with present CM of West Bengel i.e. Ms Mamata Banerjee.

For the last two years Pratidin have been taken from me represented by Srinjay Bose, the managing director of Pratidin Publication and pratidin television media pvt Ltd a sum of Rs 20 crores (approx.)

KUNAL GHOSH also received the amount by cheque and also apart from that he has been given a new car in his name. Apart from the above a Cash of Rs 1,50,000 or a little more every month we used to hand it over to him like his driver’s salary, fuel and for his some social work.

The said KUNAL GHOSH along with his few miscreatens came to my office at the third floor of DN-29, Salt Lake City, Sector-V, Kolkata, and forced me to sign some documents and letters, which I signed without going through the contents thereof and after they have gone, I read and found that they have got me to sign as if I have sold them Channel-10 for a meagre amount of Rs 55 Lacs, which can never happen.

They also got me to sign as if I have transferred them my Urdu newspaper KALOM, which I have never done.

Northeast names

Another two persons in huge manner damage me. One is Mrs Manoranjana Sinh and one is Mr Matang Sinh. Mrs Manoranjana Sinh contacted us for selling her Positive Groups to us and took me to Chennai in the chamber of the Mrs NALINI CHIDAMBARAM as her advocate.

Madam Chidambaram requested me to help her for setting up a channel in Northeast in Guwahati and support her extending Rs 42 crores to her company and Madam Chidambaram herself prepared the agreement wherein she is the sole arbitrator for if at all any dispute arises and requested me for financially support her immediately and also Madam Chidambaram fixed her consultancy and during period of one and half years on which account more than Rs 1 (One) Crores have been given to her. Most of the time when she visited Calcutta with Manoranjan Sinh her airfare and taj hotel bills have been paid by me, that is also a very big amount.

Manoranjana Sinh assured me that Madam Chidambaram is the wife of Mr P. Chidambaram the then Hon’ble Home Minister and if this Chidambaram family slightly stand by me then I will be great clout in India. Though Madam Chidambaram never assured me like this but without assessing my financial strength she has also pressurised me for supporting her Rs 42 crores. So far I remember that I have already paid Rs 25 crores to Mrs Manoranjana Sinh in the name of the Company GNN India Pvt. Ltd….

Another one is Matang Sinh, who is the ex-husband of Manoranjana Sinh who has also taken Rs 28 crores from us in his various accounts. Finally he has given 50% shares of NE Bangla….

Another high level person have dramatically cheated me he is Mr Hemanta Biswa Sharma. For the last six months apart one and half years he has taken from us not less than three crores all by cash and some vouchers have been signed by his office executives by some other means.


In the matter of the SEBI in the year 2010 after receiving a letter from SEBI, I got very nervous and huge fear psychosis prevailed on me. That time one Mr Debabrata Sarkar alias Nitu who is the de facto secretary of the East Bengal Club met with me and assured me that he will cover the SEBI matter through (a top official) & other persons with whom they have very intimate connections and also with the help of present President of India Hon’ble Mr Pranab Mukherjee… if I fulfil his financial demands since they have to cover and pay all the aforesaid persons. In the year 2010 at the time of receiving the assignment he took Rs 5 (five) Crores and thereafter every month he took Rs 80 Lacs more or less.

The money

(Those keeping records) have told last that I have the dues of Rs 2200 crores up to the year 2026 and within this the recurring deposit will be deposited by the money marketing leaders as it is running in instalments i.e. not less than Rs 1200 crores, then my ultimate liabilities comes as per software reports Rs 1200 crores, but this amount is seems to be false entry through the system software. Money has not been deposited to the Company at all, but the receipt has been issued in the name of fake customers. If the bench mark can be done in this way that money has been deposited in the bank either in cash or by cheque that will be counted then the actual liabilities will not more than Rs 300 to 400 crores….