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Kanhaiya Kumar accuses Centre of trying to divide the people and spread 'poison'

'The situation in the country and Delhi is not allowing me to sleep; it is necessary to speak about it'

By Dev Raj in Patna
  • Published 28.02.20, 3:09 AM
  • Updated 28.02.20, 3:09 AM
  • 3 mins read
Kanhaiya Kumar addressing the Patna rally on Thursday. Picture by Sanjay Choudhary

CPI leader Kanhaiya Kumar on Thursday expressed anguish at the Delhi riots, accusing the Centre of trying to divide the people and spread “poison”.

Kanhaiya, who held a massive Jana-Gana-Mana rally in the Bihar capital against the Centre’s new citizenship troika, exhorted the people not to get divided in the name of religion, and rather tread the path shown by Mahatma Gandhi, Babasaheb Bhimrao Ambedkar and Bhagat Singh to counter the followers of Gandhi’s killer Nathuram Godse.

“I have been unable to sleep for the past three days. The situation in the country and Delhi is not allowing me to sleep. It is necessary to speak about it. Those who have lost their children had not done anything wrong. The government is trying to divide the people and make them fight. It is trying to spread the poison that has spread on the media and social media to each and every lane and mohalla of the country,” Kanhaiya, a former JNU students’ union president, said.

The Left leader asserted that it was high time that people tread “the path of Gandhi’s greatness, Ambedkar’s equality and Bhagat Singh’s courage and fearlessness. If we have these three, the followers of Godse cannot divide the country and its people.”

Recounting that it was hatred that led to the partition of the country, Kanhaiya said: “We will not allow riots in the name of religion. Remember that the fire of hatred could only be doused by the water of love. Remember that Jinnah and Godse were friends and then decide whether you want to follow them or Gandhi, Ambedkar and Bhagat Singh.”

Kanhaiya dared the Bihar government led by Nitish Kumar to not only withdraw its notification for the NPR in the state, but also issue another notification to stop its implementation.

“The Bihar government and the Opposition have passed a resolution against the NRC and the new NPR. If the government is serious about its no to NRC, it should withdraw the notification issued for implementing the NPR. It should also issue a gazette notification to stop the NPR in the state. If it fails to do so, we will stop NPR,” Kanhaiya said.

Held in an emotionally surcharged atmosphere with people from different parts of Bihar and speakers from various parts of the country, the rally marked the culmination of Kanhaiya’s Jana-Gana-Mana Yatra across the state to oppose the CAA-NPR-NRC.

Amid songs such as “Hum kagaz nahi dikhayenge” and slogans, the people vowed to remain united and observed a minute’s silence for those killed in the Delhi riots. The rally saw spirited speeches by Congress MLA Shakeel Ahmad Khan and Kannan Gopinathan, who has resigned from the Indian Administrative Service.

Mahatma Gandhi’s great-grandson Tushar Gandhi condemned Prime Minister Narendra Modi and Union home minister Amit Shah for not speaking while riots were happening in Delhi.

“They are trying to show that the CAA, NPR and the NRC are harmful for Muslims, but this is not true. It is equally dangerous for the poor, who would be exploited in the name of proving their citizenship. Our fight will not stop with the government taking back these laws. We will continue till the hatred ends,” Tushar said.

Social activist Medha Patkar broke down on the dais while narrating “the naked dance of violence and hatred in Delhi and the attack on democracy, the people and the secular, harmonious culture of the country.”

“All Shaheen Baghs in the country are gardens of peace. While Trump and his followers are displaying the weapons, we are ready to launch another freedom struggle. There is a conspiracy to break the unity of the people and religions for vote-bank politics,” Patkar said.

The rally vowed to protect the Constitution and its Preamble. It also asked the panchayat mukhiyas to pass resolutions against the NPR and not allow it.

Opposition parties like HAMS and the RLSP sent their representatives to the rally, but the main Opposition party, the RJD, did not participate. Several speakers at the rally spoke about creating a third front to protect the nation and the Constitution against the politics of hate and polite submission.